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High School Super-star: The Junior Year

Kyle Morgan Junior Superlatives

Tri-Hi-Y  - Officer,   Beta Club,  Quill and Scroll,  Hi-Times reporter,  Annual Staff,  Eagle Club, National Scholastic Honor Roll,  Football,  Basketball,  Baseball,  Track,  Football Most Valuable,   Football All-State,  Football All-America,  Basketball All-State,  Basketball Most Valuable,   Track Best Performance Award,  ( Low Hurdles, High Hurdles, and Pole Vault ), Best All-Around Athlete Award, Maryland High School Athlete of the Year.

Scholastic Awards

Highest Grade-point average for year ~ 100.0 %

Spanish award

Elected Beta Club President for Senior Year

English Achievement Award

Physical Education Achievement award for 200 push-ups, 200 pull-ups, 200 Squats, Fastest 100 yard dash time ( 9.13 ),  Fastest long distance event time ~ ( 4.08 ) Mile run

Superintendents Award ~ Best Representative of the School Award   


Kyle Morgan Junior year football statistics

Rushes ~ 147 in 14 games

Yards on rushes ~ 1,611   ~  10.96 yards per rush

Rushed for touchdown ~ 14

Passing attempts ~ 236 ~  18.85 per game

Passing completions ~ 189 ~  13.50 completions per game

Yards passing ~ 14 games ~ 2,922 yards ~ 19.90 yards per completion

Touchdown passes ~  21

Punt returns for Touchdowns ~ 2

Interceptions thrown ~ 3

Field Goal attempts ~ 6 ~ made 6 ~ Long 55 yards ~ State record

Extra point attempts ~ 88  ~  Made 88 ~ state record

Honors ~  All-State Player of the Year AAAA,  High School All-America,  High School Best Athlete on All-State Team  ~   Maryland Super-11 first team 


Basketball Statistics

Field Goal attempts  ~  432  ~ Made 301 ~ % 69.80

Foul shots attempted  ~ 243  ~ made 240 ~ %  99.20

Assists per game ~ 7.63

Points per game ~  28.63

Honors ~  All-State AAAA,   United States All-America Team,  Scholastic All-America,  Maryland High School Player of the Year


Track ~ National Record established in 180 yard low Hurdles ~ 18.00

              National Record established in High Hurdles ~ 12.88

              National Record in High school Pole Vault ~ 16' - 9"

              First High school Athlete to break 13.0 in High hurdles

              First High School Athlete to vault 16 feet


  The Top 25 Songs of 1963 by sales

Morgan's record "The Dance Song" climbed as high as number THREE on the Nation's Top 40 chart in February of 1963

"Only the Heart Can Know" would climb to # FOUR in March of 1963


Sugar Shack

Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs


He's So Fine




Singing Nun


Blue Velvet

Bobby Vinton


Hey Paula

Paul & Paula


The Dance Song

Kyle Morgan



Kyu Sakamoto


I Will Follow Him

Peggy March


My Boyfriend's Back



Walk Like A Man

Four Seasons


Go Away Little Girl

Steve Lawrence


I'm Leaving It Up To You

Dale & Grace


Only the Heart can know

Kyle Morgan


Surf City

Jan & Dean


It's My Party

Lesley Gore


Walk Right In

Rooftop Singers


Easier Said Than Done



Deep Purple

Nino Temple & April Stevens


So Much In Love



Our Day Will Come

Ruby & Romantics


Louie, Louie



Can't Get Used To Losing You

Andy Williams


Be My Baby



Ruby Baby



Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!

Allan Sherman

       1962 News

Kennedy orders blockade of Cuba to prevent soviet missile deployment

John Glenn first American to orbit Earth, 3 revolutions

130 die in Paris as Boeing 707 crashes

Federal troops go To U. of Mississippi to register first black, James Meredith

Marilyn Monroe dies of drug over dose

Two of The Flying Wallendas killed during high wire act in Detroit

Peter O'Toole to star in Lawrence of Arabia

U-2 Pilot Gary Powers traded for Spymaster Rudolf Abel

JFK orders total ban on Cuban products

In The News


Adolf Eichman hanged in Jerusalem

Author William Faulkner dies.

Mariner II is first interplanetary probe, goes around Venus

My Fair Lady, longest running musical closes after 2,717 performances

Diet Right and Tab make their first appearance.

Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in one game

Conservatives hold rally for Goldwater

Cuba sentences Bay of Pigs invaders, asks for ransom

Kennedy gets steel companies to roll back prices

News Headlines

       1963 News

Pope John XXIII dies, Pope Paul VI is elected

250,000 March For Civil Rights ln Washington.

Kennedy assassinated in Dallas

Lee Harvey Oswald arrested, Lyden Johnson takes oath of office

Texan Jack Ruby shoots Oswald during live news coverage

Soviet Missiles out of Cuba, troops will stay

N.Y. news papers struck for 114 days

Supreme Court decides poor must have lawyers

Governor George Wallace is adamant on race ss Negroes resist

Kennedy sends troops to calm Alabama

Sniper kills Negro leader Medgar Evers

In The News

Aldous Huxley dies

Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" is a big hit.

Valium is introduced by Roche Labs

Beatles have their first big success, "I Want To Hold our Hand"

First metal tennis racket Introduced

Celtics win fifth straight NBA title

Soviet Union puts first women in space

Martin Luther King speech "I Have A Dream"

Greatest train robbery, England, 5 million in cash and jewels In 15 minutes

Direct "HOTLINE" between Washington and Moscow operational


JFK attacks the Bay of Pigs ~ Cuban Missile Crisis

A 1962 Football Magazine

A Magazine featuring LSU Coach Paul Deitzel and star running-back  Billy Cannon ~ Kyle Morgan's favorite football player.


High school Super-star: The Junior Year is now available.




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