Jefferson 1948



Jefferson, Georgia ~ 1948

1948 - The Death of an Icon


Around town news . . .


On January 1, John C. Turner went in as Chairman of the Jefferson Rotary Club.

At a Rotary Club Meeting on January 12, he reviewed projection for the upcoming year;

Consumer Prices would remain high on food and clothing.

Foreign trade was expected to see much improvement over 1947 with the war over and more allies of the united states.

Steel was expected to be high in output.

Automobiles would see higher production, but still not enough to meet consumer demand.

Oil production would be up by 6 - 10%. 1947 had seen 1,859,000.000 barrels produced.

Rubber was one of the more scarce items during the war. The backlog for rubber products made it a strong opportunity for the rubber industry especially in tire production.

Railroads expected to decline in usage with the end of the war.

Housing ~ 20% more needed than in 1847.

Grain ~ Continued high prices expected.

Livestock ~ Production will be down, prices will be up.

Textiles ~ Higher production expected with lower prices.

Furniture ~ Demand is far ahead of supply starting 1948.

Lumber ~ It will be a record year for production if transportation to deliver is available.

Executors sale - Friday January 30 - 1948

10:00 am

The J.H. Gooch home place on the Winder Highway.

For sale on this date: 1 pair of mules, a 2 horse wagon, 1 milk cow, a Heifer, 1 brood sow, 5 hogs, 200 bushels of corn, 25 bushels of wheat, 1 electric cook stove, household furniture, 50 cords of wood, all plows, planters and tools.

Ben Wright, a local Jefferson farmer bought 600 acres of land in the Pendergrass area for $ 3,000. It was paid for with his cotton earnings from 1947. It pushed his acreage to over 1,000 acres ~ all paid for ~ and made him one of the largest land owners in Jackson County. He also bought two trucks and 20 head of mules for the spring planting season.

The Academy Baptist Pastor was Reverend Ralph Bowles.

On February 12, a donkey basketball game was held in the Martin Institute Gym. It was sponsored by the Albert Gordon American Legion Post 56. Coach Frank Snyder coached one of the teams.

Jackson County ginned 13,026 bales of Cotton in 1948 versus 12,478 bales in 1947.

The Roosevelt Theater continued to open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday Feb. 17 - 18 - Bob Cummings and Brian Dennehey starred in “Heaven Only Knows” at the Roosevelt Theater. This would become one of my favorite movies later on when I started watching television in the early 50s.

On Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th - Tex Ritter starred in “Marshall of Gunsmoke.”

The Joy Snack Shop advertised the Grapette Soda in the March 9 edition of the Jackson Herald. The Joy opened only on Friday and Saturday nights only.

On March 18 and 19 - Clark Gable and “Gone with the Wind” came to Jefferson for the first time.

It played to overflow crowds reminiscent of the crowds seen at the showing of “The Outlaw.”


The Joy Soda Shop named Marvin Lavender as Manager

They advertised

½ fried chicken for $ 0.90

T-Bone Steak for $ 1.35

Hamburger Steak for $ .75


This included one roll, slaw and French fries.


J.D. Jewell ran an ad in the Herald stating his Pendergrass rendering operation would provide free and sanitary pickup of dead or injured animals within a 26 mile radius - November 2 edition


At Morgan Beatty’s store in Porterville, a dog innoculation day was held with veterinarian I. R. Baird on hand to give the shots.


Items for sale at Keslers Supermarket on April 18, 1948 were:

Catshup - 14 oz. - $ 0.19

Mills River Green eans - # 2 ½ can - $ 0.15

Columbus Kraut - # 2 ½ can - 2 for $ 0.25

Honey - # 2 ½ can - $ 0.15

Florida Orange Juice - 46 oz. - $ 0.25

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans - 2 for $ 0.35

Sugar - 10 pound bag - $ 0.89

Coffee - 3 pound bag - $ 1.00

Pinto Beans - 1 pound bag - $ 0.15

Duke’s Mayonaise - 1 pint - $ 0.45

Aunt Jamima Grits - Package - $ 0.19

Fat Back - 1 pound - $ 0.28

Ivory Snow - Large $ 0.35 - Medium $ 0.17

Lava Soap - 2 for $ 0.21


At Thurmond Furniture Company the Manager was Joe R. Porter

A bedroom group could be purchased for $ 97.00 to $ 250.00 and a Dinette Group for $ 37.00 to $ 69.00.

G.H. Legg advertised the best buy in town for Seed corn, Garden seeds, etc.

Charles H. Drake was President of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor of Jefferson was R.S. Johnson.

Nat Hancock was Ward 1 Chairman.

T.D. Storey was Ward 2 Chairman.

T.M. Crow was Ward 3 Chairman.

H.L. Garrison was Ward 4 Chairman.


May 2, 1948 - A damaging hailstorm hit Commerce. Ran a 12 mile path where it killed chickens, broke windows, Damaged Trees, etc. Hail was as large as Golf Balls.

Georgia in 1948 had 105,700 textile workers in 60 communities. There was 3 times as much cotton produced in Georgia as any other state. 52 new plants had went up in 1947 with another 4 started in 1948.

The estimated value of textile products in 1948 was $ 500,000,000. Finished products added another $ 145,000,000 to that total.

Railroad wages were $ 5,791.00 average per worker in 1948.

Morris Bryan Senior died on June 28, 1948 while visiting relatives in Atlanta, Georgia. His death came at 3:30 a.m. at an Atlanta hospital. He was 58 years old. He had graduated from Ga. Tech in 1913. He took charge at Jefferson Mills in 1932. He had a mill in Crawford, Georgia at the time. Mr. Bryan had served as Chairman of the Board of Education in Jefferson for 25 years. Morris Bryant, Jr. took over as President of Jefferson Mills with Southworth Bryan as Secretary and Treasurer.

Pallbearers at Mr. Bryan’s funeral were H.W. Davis, A.S. Johnson, A.W. Ashe, H.E. Alderholt, H.L Garrison, C.T. Storey, C.E. Hardy and J.M. Melvin.

Morris Bryant Jr. built a new home in August where it remains today.

Charlie Drake built a new store on the Gainesville highway just above Jefferson High school.

Some of the seventh grade graduates I would come to know as I grew up in Jefferson were; Davis Roberts, Franklin Shoemake, Willie Craig, Orin Kinney, Y.D Maddox, Nelson Tolbert, and Sara Barnette ( Mrs. Kinney Gee ).

Jefferson City School for Negroes Baccularate was held at A.M.E. Church - A.W. Ashe, the City School superintendent passed out certificates to graduates.

Life Insurance agents in Jefferson in 1948 were H.T Mobley, A.G. Younce, A.O. Head, and Calvin Voyles.

A.E. Younce ran a grocery store with Grocery Robert Whitlock serving as manager.

Jackson Herald Classifieds in 1948 - June 17 Herald

House and lot for sale - 7 room house, 1 acre lot in the city. Has electric lights, cement floor, garage, storage house, and many other conveniences - Only $ 2,500


The first cotton blooms of 1948 were from the James Calvin Craft farm on July 1, 1948

Canning Plant Notice - July 1 edition -

Opening Friday June 25 from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm Again on June 29th - 9:00 am until 2:00 pm

After these days it will open on Monday through Friday for the remainder of the canning season.

On September 5th - Langfords Gin opened in Talmo, Georgia. It featured a new continental gin system that better cleaned cotton during the ginning process.

Rankins superette was located next to the post office in Jefferson.

M.T. Sanders had a furniture in Commerce that my mother and Grandmother bought most of their furniture from.

On December an add was ran in the Herald reminding all citizens about section 42 - an ordinance that prevented the setting off of fire works inside the Jefferson City limits.


December 18 - 1948

Bryan High school opened its doors for the first classes. Classes had been taught at the St. Paul A.M.E. Church. This school for the colored was paid for by the Bryant estate and the County Board of Education.


Jefferson High school News . . .


On February 5, The annual staff at JHS announced that the first edition of the Jeffersonian had gone to press. Orders were now being taken. They were $ 2.50 per copy. The advertising Manager was Betty Roberts.

The JHS boys lost to Commerce 28 - 26 on January 16 while the girls won 23 - 19.

The girls basketball team beat Royston on Jan 23, 26 - 22. Jean Ash scored 11 points, Hardy had 8, Westmoreland had 4 and Roberts had 2 points for JHS. Guards were Betty Gee, Doris Tolbert, and Lynn.

The Boys beat Royston 25 to 20 on February 2 . Faulkner had 10, Carithers had 6, Toney had 4. Silman and Lord scored 2 and Bryan 1 point.

Gainesville beat JHS boys 24 - 19 on February 5. Eugene Toney scored 8 points for JHS.

Cornelia lost to the JHS boys 37 to 35 in 3 overtimes on February 9 on a last second shot by Harry Bryan.

The JHS girls beat Cornelia that night by a 21 - 11 score with Jean Ash scoring 12 points for JHS.

March 2, Jean Ash scored 22 points as the JHS girls beat Lyman Hall 33 - 26 in the first game of the District Tourney in Gainesville, Ga.

On April 14, the first high school annuals arrived at JHS

1948 JHS Honor Students


Jean Venable - First on Honor Roll

Minnette Noah - Second on Honor Roll

Sara Lynn - Third on Honor Roll

Wille Nell Garrett - Fourth on Honor Roll

Carlton English - Fifth on Honor Roll


The sixth grade class with Mrs. Ash as chaperon made it’s first trip to Atlanta on Friday, April 23 to see Grant Park and the Cyclorama. This would become a Jefferson tradition for many years.

High School Graduation was on May 23, 1948. Morris Bryant Senior passed out Diplomas. He was the chairman of the Board of Education.

1948 Graduates were; Carolyn Adams, Audrey Allen, Betty Jean Ash, Sara Frances Breazeale, Emma Brooks, Daniel Carithers, Gloria Carithers, Vera Carithers, Norris Curruth, Lloyd Craven, Hilda Crow, May Dowdy, Bobby Dozier, Boyd Drake, Carlton English, James Faulkner, Paul Ferguson, Carolyn Flowers, Doris Freeman, Willie Nelle Garrett, Lewis Harper, Jane Hendrix, Newell Howard, Herbert Logan, Archie Lloyd, Jr., C.B. Lord, Sara Lynn, Hattie Reid Maddox, Wylie McEver, Virginia Moncrief, Helen Motes, Doris Nabors, Minnette Nash, Ethelene Nix, Rudolph Phillips, C. L. Potts, Allie Mae Rainwater, Dorothy Robinson, Roy smith, Betty Snelling, Harold Standridge, Lorene Stepp, Doris Tolbert, Eugene Toney, Winston Turner, Jean Venable, Imogene Westmoreland, Lounette Weir, and Harry Yonce.


The JHS Seniors took a trip to Daytona Beach, Florida on May 12.

The first season of Baseball saw JHS win four games and lose only 2 games. Both to Commerce. Harry Bryan one hit Royston and beat them 30 - 0.

The team was comprised of; P - L. G. Jackson, C - Charles Tolbert, 1B - Billy Sailors, 2B - Whitie Simmons, SS - Sidney Johnson, 3B - Ray Adams, Lf - Joe Glosson, CF - Earl Carither or Nelson Tolbert, RF - Dickie Copas.


1948 basketball schedule for Jefferson High school


11 - 30 Statham, 12 - 03 Braselton, 12 - 07 Gainesville, 12 - 10 Winder, 12 - 14 Clarksville, 12 - 17 Commerce, 12 - 21 Buford, 12 - 31 Buford, 01 - 04 Lilburn 01 - 11 Braselton, 01 - 14 Bogart, 01 - 18 Winder, 01 - 21 Commerce, 01 - 22 Clarksville, 01 - 25 Gainesville, 01 - 28 Statham, 02 - 01 Lilburn, 02 - 04


The Coach was Frank Snyder for the boys and Girls


The 1948 - 49 girls team featured; Janelle Adams, Jan Anderson, Sara Barnett, Joyce Canup, Jane Drake, Emma Jane Fleeman, Betty Gee, Ada Hardy, Clara Maddox, Merle Sattersfield, Gail Silman, Winette Smith, and Nelle Tolbert.


The 1948 - 49 boys boy’s basketball team consisted of;

Billy Sailors, Curtis Segars, Eugene Toney, Harry Bryan, Ray Adams, Dickie Copas, Jerry Beatty, and Jack Shumake.


My uncle Monroe Bennett was in the 7th grade and had perfect attendance along with Jerry Copas, Donald Cole and Hoyt Garrett, Shirley Harris, and Gwendolyn James - Reported in the March 17 issue of the Jackson Herald.


National News . . .


The United states Population was 148,000,000 people. Of these 63,842,000 were of working age.


General Sports News . . .


McEver Packing Company of Talmo Georgia had an American Legion basketball team with Ivey and Bridges the leading scorers.

A softball league sponsored by the Jefferson Mills Welfare Association started on Monday, May 10, 1948.

Games were played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There were no lights, so games started at 5:30 and consisted of 5 innings or 45 minute time frames.

Jefferson Mills announced on June 7 that Jim Umbricht would be on the Jefferson Mills team. He was a shortstop from Decatur that attended the University of Georgia. Later he would play professionally with the Pittsburgh Pirates.


The 1948 college football season finished with several unbeaten teams. The Michigan Wolverines and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame were both unbeaten and untied, as were the California Golden Bears and the Clemson Tigers. Ultimately, Michigan was the first place choice for the majority

( 192 of the 333 ) voters in the AP writers poll, but didn’t play in the postseason because of a no-repeat rule for Big Nine schools. Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl instead, and handed California a 20-14 loss.

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