Jefferson, Georgia 1950



Jefferson, Georgia ~ 1950



The First Baptist Church pastor was Reverend J.D. Matheson. He was an articulate speaker that spoke at various functions in the North Georgia area.

The Academy Baptist Church pastor was Reverend Jim Harvey.

He resigned on January 5, and was replaced by Reverend Doug Caffey on February 16.

The pastor of the First Methodist Church was Reverend Lamar H. Watkins.

Dwight Porter was a deacon at Academy Baptist Church.

Nat Hancock was elected by the membership to succeed H. E. Aderholt as President of the Jefferson Rotary Club.

There existed a Rotary for ladies that was called the Rotary “Anns.”

Third Ward Councilman Tom M. Crowe retired from office on March 23.

The mayor of Jefferson was William T. Bryan.

Willis ( Totsie ) Wilbanks joined the Rotary Club and became a fixture in Jefferson Civic involvement.

On April 15, the winners of the “Hometown Contest” in Georgia were announced. Camilla was the number one city with large population. Hopeful was the number one city with a population of less than 1000. Second place for small towns was Chipley, for large towns Toccoa. Third place for small towns was Nichols, with Gainesville winning the larger town designation.

A fashion show with items produced by Jefferson Mills was staged at the Jefferson High School auditorium. It was an outstanding success as a fund raiser for the new Jefferson community gym.

Boots Woodall and his Wranglers performed at the Joy. It was well attended by the public.

On January 31, Ed Danforth, the sports editor of the Atlanta Journal spoke to the Jefferson Rotary.

Southworth Bryan, Jr. was born on January 26 to Southworth and Elizabeth Bryan at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

J. H. Kinney and Sons bought the large concrete building on Sycamore Street just across the bridge and moved their business from the Gainesville Midland depot.

On February 12, a truck that inexplicably lost its brakes came down the Washington Street by the court and rammed into the Kesler 10 & 25 store. It resulted in thousands of dollars of damage to the store.

On March 9 Joe and Jimmy Johnson carried an Angus Steer to the Ocala, Florida Fat Cattle Show. It was their first venture outside the state of Georgia. Their steer won the overall show championship and sold for a then record price of $ 1.55 per pound. The steer weighed in at 1195 pounds.

Ten bids were placed on March 18 for property to build a new Jefferson post office. Those bids were; Joe Baxter on Washington Street - $ 4,500, Claude Catlett on Sycamore Street - $ 6,500, Mrs. Lola B. Ethridge on Athens street - $ 2,000, S. L. Kelly on Athens Street - $ 2,000, Y. D. Maddox on Sycamore Street - $ 3,000, Mrs. H. G. Johnson on Athens street - $ 1,000, C. E. Robinson on Lee Street - $ 2,000, A. J. Flannigan on Lee Street - $ 1,000, T. D. Storey on College Street - $ 2,000, and Jefferson Mills on Lee Street - $ 350.

On March 29th - The Roosevelt Theater increased adult admission from $ 0.20 to $ 0.25. Children remained at $ 0.10.

On August 31st the Joy Theater presented :The Black Belt” with Dan Duryea.

On August 31st the Roosevelt presented Roy Rogers in “Twilight on the Searias."

An article appeared in the March 30 Jackson Herald about 109 year old Jefferson resident “Aunt” Lucy Daniels. She lived on the Brockton Road just outside Jefferson.

J.D. Jewell was named the Gainesville Man of the year.

Mr. Morris Bryan, Jr. was elected President of the Jefferson Rotary by its membership in early April. He would assume duties in June.

April of 1950 - An ad in the Herald advertised 12 ½ inch Television consoles for $209.95 at Anderson Electric Service in Jefferson.

In April at the Martin Institute Gym, Professional Wrestling first came to Jefferson.

May 29 - Jefferson High school let out for the summer.

In June, Jefferson again entered the “Hometown Contest” with G. T. Kesler serving as Project Chairman, N. C. Marlow as Vice-Chairman and W. E. Carithers as Secretary.

In June Jefferson Mill employees donated $ 4,550 for the new gym project.

In July Jefferson Mills won a safety contest staged by the Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia. They did not have a lost time accident during the contest period. They were the only mill in georgia to accomplish this feat. There were 82 mills in Georgia with 64,479 employees. They received a plaque for this achievement.

The Carnival came to Jefferson with Cody Fleming Shows at the American Legion Fairgrounds on August 21 - 26, Modern rides were $ 0.08 each. Featured were midget cattle along with Captain Rice and his 26-foot snake.

Jefferson Lumber Company opened in Jefferson. A.G. Mitchell and Tim Simpson of winder were Co-Owners.

Belk Gallant in Commerce advertised;

T-Shirts at $ 0.37 ea

Short sleeve shirts at $ 0.88 ea

Shoes - $ 4.25

Boys pajamas at $ 0.88

Panties - $ 3 for $1.00

Slips - $ 0.79


In November of 1950 ~ The Joy Theater closed her doors. Nat Hancock cited lack of business as the primary reason. A second theater was never needed in Jefferson. The Roosevelt was too well established and the Hancock’s were a fixture around Jefferson. It was not possible to lure their long time friends and associates to another movie venue. Even after Nat Hancock took over the Joy, it was not a profitable venture. Only their occasional floor shows merited attention around Jefferson. The small snack shop-Café was right across from Buck Marlow. They were not able to generate any business with the over 25 crowd.


First National Bank Directors were;

John C. Turner - Chairman of the Board

J.M. Melvin - President

H.E. Lauderhill - Vice President

Roger Poe was a salesman for Sanders Furniture of Commerce

The Mayor of Jefferson was W.T. Bryan

The Chief of Police was J.A. Bell

February 9th - A drive was started to build a new JHS gym -

The city school board was Morris M. Bryan Jr - Chairman of the Board

H.T. Mobley, Carl Legg, Jim Melvin and W. Tom Bryant.

At the Jefferson Mills Recreation Hall - Bill Hartman of Ga. Tech was the quest of the Rotary Club - Morris Bryan Jr. was the Chairman.

Ga Tech had 6, 084 students in 1950.

The Joy soda shop advertised a vegetable plate for $ 0.45 - A buffet was $ 0.65 - James Duke was the Manager.

On June 24th advertisers in the Herald were Keslers Supermarket, Keslers 10 cent store, T.D. Story, Jefferson Mills, Anderson Electric Company and McEver Packing Company of Talmo.

On January 16, 1950 - The Minimum wage went to $ 0.75 per hour.

Ed Danforth spoke to the Rotary on February 2.

Kinney’s bought the large Concrete block building they are now in for $ 20,000 from Tom Crow. They moved from the Gainesville Midland Depot to the new building.

Willie Craig won the Norge washing machine give-away for the new school fund drawing. Morris Bryan did the drawing.

Reverend Doug Caffrey became Pastor of Academy Baptist Church on January 8, 1950.

Jefferson Stores in 1950 ~ Randolph Smith Company, Keslers Super Market, Carl Leggs, Cutlets Barber Shop, George Whitehead Taxi and Grocery, Isbells Store, Robinson Clothing Store, C.E. Rankin, Keslers 10 cent store, Joe Baxter General Merchandise, Moore and Ellington Drugs, First National Bank of Jefferson, Jefferson Frozen Food Bank.

On March 12. “The Road Back” was shown at Academy Baptist Church at 8:00 pm on Sunday.

Jack Hanson's Mom was Mrs. Albert M. Hanson.

Taxi rates in 1950 were ~ A.B. Carroll - One passenger $ 0.25 ~ each additional passenger was $ 0.10.

Prices at Keslers Super Market in August of 1950 were: Sugar - 5 pound for $ 0.49, Coffee - one pound for $ 0.51, and Jello - 3 packs for $ 0.25

Marlow’s Café opened in 1946 -  The Marlow family included Jackie, Donald, Eddie and Judy.

Mrs. Morris Bryan Senior bought the Harrison Hotel on September 28. Ms. Harrison was to keep a room at the hotel. This did not include the Carl Legg portion or the Claude Catlett barbershop. Ms. Harrison was allowed to remain in her room and rent other rooms as she saw fit.

JHS started a school newspaper on October 5, 1950.

On Thursday night before the Clarksville game there was a pep rally at the Joy Theater in Jefferson.

The Joy Soda shop went under new management ~ Leonard Brown became Gen Manager.

Jefferson High School News . . .


The first year that JHS would be a 12 year high school was 1950.

Graduates for 1951 were;

Henry Allen, Betty Beatty, Harry Bryan, Jane Duke, James Faulkner, Charles inch, Billy Finch, Quillion Garrison, Joe Glosson, L. G. Jackson, Powell Legg, Mary Massey, Billy Nash, Howard Nix, Garnet Parks, Peggy Payne, Virginia Payne, Carlisle May, Joan Redd, Bobby Sailors, Mildred Whitmire, Jimmy Vandiver, Mildred Whitmire, Clozelle Wright.

Eleventh graders that had stayed in school to complete a twelfth year were; Joyce Canup, Billy Crenshaw, Sara F. Doster, Joan Foster, Martha Jean Freeman, Gilbert Weir, Bobby Loggins, Jeanelle Adams, Martha Wilbanks, Nell Tolbert, Donald White, Martha Jean Fite, H. O. Parks, Billy Legg, Lavern Sanders, Mary Parr, Betty Garrison, Clara Maddox, Curtis Segars, Claudius Thurmond, and Angie Brunbalow.


On January 24 the Jefferson girls beat Homer 41 - 18.

The boys beat Homer 39 - 24.

On January 27 the Jefferson girls beat to Maysville 43 - 35.

The boys romped over Maysville by a 44 - 15 score.

On February 14, a fundraising doubleheader was staged at the Martin Institute Gym to aid in the new gym project. The Jefferson girls beat Airline 29 to 22. The boys won 43 - 35.

The Jefferson boys beat Winder 31 - 25 and Lyman Hall.

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