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Jefferson, Georgia ~ 1953 


News around Jefferson . . .

The New Kesler Supermarket opened next to the Roosevelt Theater the second week in January.

A Flu epidemic shut down the Jefferson School system for two weeks in the middle of January as over 200 students were absent because of illness. There were no deaths.

In April, Morris Bryan, Jr. was State Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.

May saw the grand opening of the John Godfrey Standard Oil Station in Jefferson.

Joe Glosson, A former Jefferson Graduate and star football player was stationed at Lockled Air Force Base in North Carolina for his Air Force basic training.

Jefferson High School had their graduation service on May 21 at the Jefferson High school Auditorium. Graduates were;

John Anderson, Sarah Barnett, Raymond Bell, Susan Burke, John Butler, Earle Carithers, Dwight Carter, Dot Cook, Kathryn Cooper, Barbara Dalton, Darrell Finch, Jean Gee, Ramona Gilbert, Jean Griffith, Dean Hammond, Lamar Love, Mary George McCain, Rachael McEver, Y. D. Maddox, Jr., Charles Middlebrooks, Davis Roberts, Robin Self, Charley Shaw, Joyce Venable, Katheleen Watson and Van Woodall.

Mr. John James opened a new Western Auto store in Jefferson the second week in June.

The American Legion Carnival came to Jefferson on June 15. It would be the last of the Cody Flemming shows as he was retiring from the carnival business.

Day Camp Started at Memorial Park on June 22. Over 100 kids were on hand for the opening ceremony. Admission was still free at this point in camp history.

The Day Camp staff consisted of Evelyn Cutts, Jack Purcell, Jean Ash, Nancy Mackey, Bud Lord, Billy Sailors, Pam Cutts, and Caroline Storey.

Jefferson Mills had a very successful open house commemorating their thirty-seventh anniversary on July 2 with over 800 visitors going through the mill on a Saturday.

Some interesting Jefferson mill facts;

Jefferson Mills processed 44 bales of cotton per day.

Its payroll was $ 547,403. In 1942. The mill payroll in 1952 was

$ 1, 659,000.

There were no bonus checks in 1942. In 1952, $ 28,977 was distributed in employee bonus checks.

Jefferson Mils had 430 employees on three shifts in 1942. In 1952 the mill had 545 jobs.

In 1942 Jefferson Mills had used 9,500 bales of cotton during the year. In 1952 the mill used 14, 756 bales.

In early July, Dr. J. K. Adams opened an office in Jefferson on Mahaffey Street.

The Jimmy Johnson Farm was featured in the September issue of “Today’s Fertilizer Dealer,” a national publication for the retail fertilizer trade.

Jefferson High School News . . .

On January 3 as she made her way to Athens to meet a friend for shopping, Jefferson Women sports Athletic Director Patsy Evans was killed when her car overturned. Ms. Evans was a graduate of Wrens High School and the Georgia State College for Women where she had led the team in scoring in basketball for three years. She was 21 years old. An award presentation would be created in her memory that would be presented to the best girl athlete/scholar during the school year. That award today is called “The Patsy Evans Best All-around Athlete award.”

The Jefferson Girls were led by Dot Cook as she scored 264 points in her first eleven games of the season for a 24.0 average. The girls won seven of those first eleven games.

After Christmas, the Dragonettes lost to Clayton 39 - 35, Oglethorpe County 39 - 33, and Lyman Hall 64 - 42 as Cook continued to light up the scoreboard with 27, 29, and 29 points.

Maysville fell to Cook’s 31 points 45 - 43. Sarah Barnett, later to coach at Jefferson High school, hit the game winning basket in overtime.

Against Gainesville the girls won 49 - 35 before a 46 - 39 loss at Commerce slowed the teams momentum.

A win over North Habersham 59 - 32 seemed to right the ship as Cook scored 35 points.

The final game of the season saw Jefferson defeat Braselton 44 - 25 with Cook closing out her Jefferson regular season career with 27 points.

For the Regular season Dot Cook had averaged 25.3 points per game. She scored 478 points as the Dragonettes had won 12 games and lost 7 for the season. Cook would attribute her scoring success to Coach Patsy Evans, whom she said taught her the jump shot and driving hook-layup that she performed so well.

In the sectional tournament the girls beat North Habersham 51 - 39 before a stunning 45 - 44 loss to Winder closed out their season. Cook had scored 31 and 33 points in her last two high school games. She had scored 542 points for an average of 25.8 for the season.

John Anderson scored 90 points to lead the Dragons basketball boys in scoring the first seven games before Christmas, a 12.9 average. They won only two of the seven games. Marvin Hall scored 69 and Davis Roberts 39.

After Christmas the boys opened with a loss to Winder 55 - 51. Charles Middlebrooks, who had been ineligible before Christmas, returned to the team and scored 9 points form the Dragons. Anderson had 19 points to lead the team.

Oakwood blasted the Dragons 66 - 38 as Anderson scored 14 and Middlebrooks 12.

Clayton won over Jefferson 57 - 33 with Middlebrooks scoring 11 points.

Oglethorpe County pounded the boys team 80 - 52 as future Georgia star Henry Cabaniss scored 30 points for the Indians.

Lyman Hall pounded the boys 62 - 42 as Middlebrooks scored 14 points for Jefferson.

Gainesville beat the boys 64 - 43 as Middlebrooks scored 17 points.

John Anderson established a new Jefferson High School scoring record with 31 points in a 59 - 42 win over Maysville.

John Anderson had led the Dragons in scoring for the year with 249 points, a 13.4 average. Charles Middlebrooks averaged 11.5 with 138 points. Marvin Hall had scored 108 points for a 6.0 average per game.

The Jefferson boys had finished the regular season with a record of seven wins and eleven losses.

In the sectional tournament the boys played well as they downed Lawrenceville 47 - 39 and South Habersham 51 - 42. Anderson had scored 17 and 21 points to lead the Dragons.

The Dragons competed in the District tournament where they beat Jasper 43 - 38 and North Habersham 43 - 41 with Middlebrooks leading them in both games with 15 and 13 points. A quarter-final loss to Cumming 50 - 39 prevented the Dragons from going to the state.

The 1953 Jefferson baseball team was;

Wayne Wages, Charles Middlebrooks, Tommy Henderson, Davis Roberts, Bucky Johnson, Dale Murphy, Ed Stancil, Al Jennings, Howard Langford, Locke Potts, Jimmy McMullan, Lester Toney, Y. D. Maddox, and Marvin Hall.

The Track team consisted of;

Don Cole, Marvin Hall, Dwight Howard, Robin Self, Dean Hammond, Y. D. Maddox, Lavon Love, Bobby Davis, Lewis Gooch, John Anderson, Locke Potts, Charles Middlebrooks, William Legg, Gus Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Raymond Bell, Carter Cooper, Hoke Elrod, Hoyt Harris, and Bobby Nash.

Donald Cole won the state 100 yard dash with a time of 10.15 and the 220 yard dash with a time of 23.3.

In early April Jefferson won a three-team track meet with Commerce and Stephens County in Jefferson. The Dragons scored 82 points, Commerce 66 points and Stephens County 53 points.

John Anderson won the shot put with a throw of 35’11". Don Cole won the 100 yard dash in 10.4, the 220 yard dash in 23.4 and the broad jump with 19’11”.

Billy Beale came to Jefferson to replace Coach Billy Henderson, who had accepted a coaching position with Athens High school. He would serve as backfield coach and coach the boy’s basketball team.

The 1953 Jefferson Dragon Football Team:

Ends - Hoke Elrod, Woodrow Stewart, Jerry Johnson, Locke Potts, Gus Johnson, Tackles - “Bruiser” Davis, Webster Samples, “Tank” Cooper, Gilmer Glenn, Jerry Johnson, Guards - Billy Wilbanks, Dwight Howard, Robert Taylor, Bobby Manus, Backs - Marvin Hall, Wayne wages, Hoyt Harris, Donald Cole, Eugene Pearson, Eugene Dickens, Don Marlowe, Benny Thompkins, Edward Stancil and Billy Cutts.


Starting Players were:

LE - Hoke Elrod, LT - J . Johnson, LG - Dwight Howard, Bucky Johnson - C, RG - Billy Wilbanks, RT - Webster samples, RE - Locke Potts, QB - Marvin Hall, LHB - Donald Cole, RHB - Wayne Wages, FB - Bennie Tompkins.

Three Dragon Football players made the All-Region team. Don Cole, Marvin Hall and Locke Potts were selected by a region coaches vote.

Coach Davis published a statement in the Jackson of the football team income and expense that showed football making $ 1,840 for the season. Ticket sales brought in over $ 2,500. The biggest area of spending was on equipment with $ 1,800.

The 1953 Jefferson High School Band consisted of;

Bryan Thomas - Flute, Mercier Davis - Clarinet, Jane Jones - Clarinet, Judy Whitmire - Clarinet, Jane Melvin - Clarinet, Walter Tonge - Clarinet, Tommy Elrod - Clarinet, Danny Allen - Alto Saxophone, Bobby Hooper - Tenor saxophone, Bevo Shropshire - French Horn, Larry Strickland - Alto Horn, Johnny Melvin - Trumpet, Sarah Shropshire - Trumpet, Henry Fite - Trumpet, Toney Fowler - Trumpet, Billy Cutts - Trombone, Howard Crowe - Trombone, Helen Williams - Baritone, Nelson Shumake - Drum, Omer Whitmire - Drum, Nat Hancock - Drum, Hale Duke - Drum, Roger Maddox - Cymbals, Beverly Davis - Bell Lyre.

New Members were - Lois Smith - Flute, Sara Freeman - Clarinet, Glenda Brothers - Clarinet, Margaret Hancock - Clarinet, Paddy Williams - Clarinet, Dickie Storey - Clarinet, Edward Powell - Melophone, Ned Shumake - Cornet, Jenny Wilson - Cornet, Ola Freeman - Cornet, Jean Wilkes - Cornet and Mary Frances McNeal - Trombone.

Majorettes were;

Jackie Brooks, Libby Whitmire, Mary Ellen Wilhite, Mildrd Bone, Catherine James, and Annie Ruth Stockton.

The 1953-54 basketball Dragon boys were;

Billy Wilbanks, Tommy Henderson, Marvin Hall, Wayne Wages, Jerry Edwards, Bucky Johnson, Hoke Elrod, Jerry “Tootsie” Middlebrooks, Locke Potts and Larry Lord.

The boys beat Gainesville 44 - 38 on December 18 to open the season. They followed this with wins over Lavonia, 45 - 30, Day Catholic school, 61 - 38 before losses to the Georgia freshmen 38 - 35 and Clayton 54 - 49. Jerry Edward and Hoke Elrod were the leading scorers for the team averaging around 15 points each during the pre-Christmas schedule.

The Dragonette girls were;

Sarah Shropshire, Nancy Potts, Lilly Murphy, Pam Cutts, Caroline Storey, Annie Jo Lynn, Jackie Marlowe, Jackie Wilson, Bobbie Wilson, Joyce Ward, Helen Rainwater, Barbara Elrod and Pat Venable.

The Jefferson Girls beat Gainesville 39 - 26 to open the season then downed Maysville before Clayton triumphed 37 - 29 in Clayton. They closed out the pre-Christmas schedule with wins over Mount St. Joseph, 33 - 25 and Lavonia, 37 - 17.

Annie Jo Lynn was their leading scorer with 16 points per game followed by Caroline Storey with 12 per game.

Other Sports News . . .

A Jackson County Community Baseball League was established with four teams. Those teams were: Jefferson, Brockton, Commerce, and Talmo.

Jefferson Mills also had a team in the Tri-County Industrial League that saw many of these Community League players forming the team.

All games for Jefferson and Jefferson Mills were played at Memorial Park.

The Games were played in the Community League on Wednesday nights.

Jefferson Players were;

Carol Buford - 2B, Tom Henderson - CF, Henry Robinson - CF, Billy Sailors - SS, Fuzzy Hoard - RF, Locke Potts - 1B, Charlie Cox - 3B, John Godfrey - LF, Bucky Johnson - C, and Marvin Hall - P.

In August a St. Louis Cardinal try-out camp was held at Memorial stadium. Over 60 aspiring major leaguers attended the tryouts. There were not any signings from the camp.

Coach Davis, the city recreation director announced that a Youth Recreation Center was to be opened in Jefferson.

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