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A Grudge Forgiven!


The 1989, 90 and 91 Jefferson Dragons had fallen on some hard times. We had gone 5 - 24 - 1 during this period with some rather embarrassing whippings thrown on us by some revenge bent opponents. It was a time to take out some of the frustrations of past seasons of losing to the Dragons by some teams.

During this time the Dawson County Tigers defeated the Dragons three consecutive games on the gridiron.

I don’t particularly care for Dawson County.

It was in that 1991 season, while I was holding the down marker on the side line, that I saw and heard an unbelievable display of poor coaching and sportsmanship coming from the Dawson County coaching staff.

After Jefferson took an early lead of 6 - 0 in the first quarter, the Dawson coach called his team together. He told them in no uncertain terms that they were losing to a bunch of losers. He used some other language that I am not prone to repeat, but you can’t imagine some of the profanity being thrown out to a group of high school kids. It was disgraceful, but indicative of the changing say-anything attitude of the 90s.

We first played Dawson County in 1986 and fought to a 6 - 6 tie in Dawsonville. We ran up easy 54 - 8 and 43 - 21 wins over them until we hit that losing skein in 1989. They downed us 35 - 22 that season. That was followed up by a 20 - 18 loss and then the 24 - 6 loss in 1991. The season that I referenced as witnessing all the Dawson poor sportsmanship on the sidelines.

We won a couple of games then lost a couple before starting our current four game winning streak over the Dawsonville crowd. Last season we jumped on them early for a 56 - 15 win. I was disappointed that they scored 15 points against us.

The head coach of that 1991 season is long gone. He coached Dawson County to records of 2 - 7 - 1, 2 - 8, 1 - 9 and 1 - 9 before they ran him out of town. And he called us losers! The guy never coached again after that 1994 season. Good riddance.

I guess I shouldn’t hold a grudge after almost 20 years, but I can still hear the words coming from his mouth about how sorry the Dragons were and how his team should be ashamed for letting them get out to an early lead. Now, as often happens, the tables have turned. Jefferson is up, Dawson County is down. It always pays to keep in mind that someday you may very well be in that other team’s or person’s shoes when you throw out negative or derogatory comments.

With that in mind I am willing to forgive the Dawson County team for their youthful misgivings toward our Dragons in that ‘91 season, but I still hope we pulverize them Friday night in Jefferson.


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