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July 3, 2010

NBA Silliness Is Getting Old!

There are many issues heading up our news channels every night that are close to a point of becoming nauseous.

Perhaps the one that is most ridiculous is that normal Americans have some concern over where three black, over tattooed, basketball players might ultimately play ball.

I have admitted in several past musings that I do not watch National Basketball Association Basketball games. I quickly grab the “flipper” when ESPN starts to discuss pro basketball.

I have stated that I would not walk the 50 yards across the highway in front of my house to watch an NBA game. What these people play is not basketball. It is African-American dunkball. The name of NBA basketball should be changed to “Dunkball”. That’s all it is!

In our daily fantasizing we often come up with solutions to current problems facing our American way of life. We may very well have a solution for Obama in the gulf oil tragedy. We may have a solution in the Al Gore sex-scandal case, or even the US-Russia spy case. But one solution I have come up with in this pro basketball debacle is in the forefront of all these solutions at this time.

In my 40 years of management experience, I learned to play a little game.  I called it "Putting yourself in the place of the person."

I'm going to play that little game in this instance.

If I was the NBA commissioner, I would simply implement a league work rule that a team could not sign more than one free agent in any given year.

I would put in a system of a draft for all free agents with the worst record in the league having the first selection among free agents if they so desired to participate in the free agent draft.

Finally, I would institute a league rule that any free agent could not receive one dime more than they received in salary and bonus the previous year.

This would address the out-of-control free agent silliness and help maintain a completive balance among the league.

Now, while I’m on my roll about changes to NBA work rules.

I would place into effect a rule that all NBA players are to play the game clean shaven, with hair neatly tapered in the back and closely cropped all over.

I would put in rule’s that; any college player with a visible tattoo is not eligible for the NBA draft, drug and alcohol tests will be made on a weekly random basis, and then I would really hit home hard with a rule that players having illegitimate children while employed in the NBA will be discharged from the league.

I think that if these rules were implemented, I might be able to watch a game. One thing is for sure, there might just be a white player make a team. It might resort back to a game where shooting the ball is a premium and the ability to make a free throw again becomes a reality.

Are these suggestions likely. Certainly not! But remember, this is my fantasy. I’ll play it out as I see fit.

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