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           Cecil Buffington’s 2011 Face Book Friends Superlatives

Best Hero and Role Model - Vicki Ray Dunn and Amanda Brooke Beatty

Wittiest Posts - Dianne Burkhalter

Best Jokester, Artist and Imitation Cowboy - Jim Shemwell

Best Lady Golfer - Barbara Shemwell

Best Golf Partner On Face Book - Fred Tolbert

Most likely to Receive E Mail From - James Stovall

Best Farmers - Dewey Johnson, Greg Smith and Susan Chaisson

Best Former Jefferson High School High School Teacher - Reverend Queon Smith

Best Junior When I was A Senior Friend At Jefferson High school - Danny Wofford

Most Informative - Beth Barton

Most Democratic - Gary Brooks

Most Republican - David Lineberger

Most knowledgeable - Steve Mayfield 

Most Traveled - BJ Morris

Best Poultry Company CEO - Elton Maddox

Best Poultry Salesman - Dean Wilcox

Most Athletic - Bryan Sherriffs and Skylar Evanson

Best Football Place-Kicker - Asher Orr

Best Basketball Player Chiropractor - Matt Pugh

Best Photographer - Scott Green

Best City Government Friend - Cammie Thomas

Best advocate On Cruelty Prevention For Animals On Face book - Rocky Long

Best Friend To Have Should You Have a Heart attack - Renea Fortson Anderson

Biggest Clemson Fan - Bobby Bugg

Best Braves Fan - Andy Albea

Most Humble - Phyllis Stancil

Most Friendly - Sandra Duncan Howington

Most Cutest - Jada Davis

Most Photogenic - Regina Stewart

Most Outspoken - John Bryant

Most Unique Name - Austin Przybysz, Breezy Breanna Bray, Fern Lovelace Pegus, Tara Tuten Langford

Best Lady I know On Face Book - Dolores Garrison

Best Georgia Lady Bulldog - Brittney Crews

Best Male Singers - Ricky Fitzpatrick, Myles Little, Wayne Baird, Bobby Compton, Clarke Kesler and Dustin Wilkes

Best Female Singer - Martha Whitlock Tullis

Best Singing Group - BlueBilly Grit, Dalton Gang

Best Zombi Actress  - Sonja Thompson

Best Business Associate Friend - Frank Scaramuzza

Best Pro Baseball Player - Micah Owings

Best Sports Writer - Jeff Schultz

Best Radio Announcer - Rhubard Jones

Best Politicial Friend - Tom Crowe

Best Newspaper Editor - Mike Buffington

Best Newspaper Reporter - Keri Carpenter and Angie Gary

Best Mainstreet Administrator - Beth Petering Laughinghouse

Best Real-estate Friends - Nanny Denny, Rhonda Conner Bell, Kim Howington, Angela Griffin McKinney, Anita Boyd Brewer, Crystal Weise and Holly Hensley Purcell

Best Jefferson Sports Legendary Friend - Deborah Stewart

Best Eighth-Grade Football Player I ever Coached - Bill Lofton

Best Pole-Vault Athletes for Jefferson High School - David Post and Mason Hamrick

Best Weight Lifter - Garry Glenn

Best Alpacas Owner - Angie Gilliland

Best Insurance Man - Jade F. Pethel

Best Old Softball Opponent - James Harry Baird

Best Friends I usually see at the Mill Village Reunion - Janice Snelling, Bea Lewis, Cindy Clark Griffith, Dillis Whitmire, Gail Boyd Barchuk

Best Friends I met at the First Face Book Reunion in Jefferson - Kay Carnes, Ceil Jarrett, Sandra Fite, Larry D. Potts, William Howington, Hank Brostek, Carolyn Harbin, Denise Harbin, Debbie Mason Williams, Terri Kay Waldo, Denise Laney, Melanie Jackson Doster, and Kathy Stewart

Best Hardware Store Operator - Jack Howington Jr

Best Jefferson High School Basketball Mom - Jennifer Lisle Goza

Nicest People You’ll Ever Meet on Face Book - Gail Fields Robertson and Bobby Ayers

Best friends From Gold Kist Days - Marceline Drake, Betsi Ling, Rhonda Boswell, Judy Roberts, Cathy Day Cape, Debbie Mathews Nix, Darrell Brock, Joe Harris and Michael Nations

Best High School Wrestling Coach - Kevin Love

Best High School Wrestling Fan - Jennifer Westmoreland Sawyer.

Best High School Basketball Coach - Jason Gibson

Best Jefferson High School High School assistant Coach - Susie Finch Roberts

Best Former Jefferson High School Football Players - Charles Anglin, Mays Venable, Todd Berry, and Josh Bohannon

Most Enthusiastic - Sylvia Camp

Most Professional - Buddy Outz

Best High School Sports Announcer - Tom Healean

Best Georgia Tech Fan - Merrill Bagwell

Best Georgia Fan - Deborah Porterfield

Best Daughter on Face Book - Cindy Buffington

Best Grandson ( and only grandson ) - Cody Dalton

Best At Remaining Silent Friends - Doris Scott and Dan Cagle

Best Childhood Friend - James Stringer

Best Song Posts - Robert W. Jett, Sr.

Best Hairdresser - Ginger Gause

Best Chef - Glenn Puckett

Best Friends - Former Jefferson Residents - Sandra Blackstock Gross , Mary McElhannon Holtzman, Bill Elder, Mildred Stovall, Thomas Bond, Tom George, Bobby Freeman, Kay and Charles Fuller.

Best Inter-net Sports Presentation - Chris Humpreys

Best Religious Posts - Minister Angela Jackson, Donna Payton, April Holloway Beem, Larry C. Hendrix and Arlene Smith

Best Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Candidates - Janis Magnum, Ramon Gilbert and Andy Garrison

Best Class of ‘64 Friends - Neda Biggs, Venell Casper, Sara Hensley, Pat Beatty Connor, Bill McCreery, and John Parks.

Best at putting up with my sometimes silly and pointless posts without harsh criticism -  All the rest of my 1045 friends on Face Book.

( I’m sorry I couldn’t get a specific category listing for all my Face Book Friends - Please accept my apology. )

Have a great 2012 and may GOD Bless each of you!


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