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The 1953 Jefferson Dragon Football Team ~ First Row ~ Left to Right; Carithers, Manager, Langford, Stansel, Marlow, Cutts, Wages, Duke and Hall. Second Row ~ Left to Right; McMullan, Howard, Toney, Wilbanks, Taylor and Maddox. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Williamson, Johnson, J. Johnson, Anderson, Potts, Carithers, Roberts and Samples.


Farewell to another Jefferson Dragon Legend ~ Y.D Maddox 

I never saw him carry the ball for the Jefferson Dragons, but I am told he was a very good high school football player.  He was also an excellent basketball, baseball and track performer during his Jefferson High School years.

While that is all well and good, I do know that Young ( Y.D.) Maddox was one of the finest gentlemen I ever knew. He epitomized everything you could want in a good friend.

I first met Y.D. as a high school junior in 1963 when I played with him, A.G. Mitchell, Billy Ricks, Floyd Hoard and some other Jefferson City Hall-of-Fame members in the Jefferson city softball league. The team was the Jefferson Lions Club. Y.D. was an intense competitor that garnered the respect of anyone that was ever on an athletic team with him.

I regret that I never saw him play for the Jefferson Dragons. I have heard many old-timers say that number 11 ( Maddox ) was one of the best halfbacks to ever wear the red and blue. He never weighed more than 155 pounds as a Dragon player, but my cousin Tom Williamson, who played tackle with Y.D. as a senior in 1953 always said he was the toughest back he ever played with. This included Don Cole and Curtis Segars, two of Jefferson's all-time best running backs.

He is well remembered by many in Jefferson as the proprietor of a meat processing operation he ran and later inherited from his father off the square in downtown Jefferson. He was a regular church attendance member at the Bethany United Methodist Church. He served as a member of the Lions Club for many years. He was a University of Georgia graduate that loved the Bulldogs and avidly supported them throughout his professional career and retirement years.

I lost track of Y.D. from around 1970 until the mid-90's. I was fortunate to run into Y.D. in later life when he served as a USDA State grader during the mid-90's. He was always a conscientious state grader and totally dedicated to consumer protection.

We would talk a lot about the Dragons of the early 50's and I would throw out some of my remembrances of my time in the 1960's. He remained a loyal Dragon fan and a great representative to our long-time Jefferson and Jefferson High School values during the time I was in contact with him.

I haven't seen any columns written about Y.D. There hasn't been much mention of him around Jefferson. Much of that failure to eulogize him in print stemmed from the fact that he left Jefferson after his retirement from USDA. He spent the remainder of his years with close family in Marietta, Georgia. Not many Jefferson people other than the select 50's and 60's high school students will know about Y.D., and what he meant to the Jefferson tradition.

Every year we seem to lose one or more of our Dragon legends. Time marches on. The loss of Y.D. Maddox is regrettable, but for those of us that knew him and knew of his prowess on the grid iron will long remember the legend. We will never forget him. God bless you, Y.D. I was honored to know you.


Below ~ Henry Robinson Presents Y.D. Maddox with the 1953 BEST BACK Award.