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May 27, 1010

Obama no-show . . . WHO really cares ?

A great deal of news time this past week has been spent discussing the fact that Barack Obama has chosen not to attend Arlington National Cemetery Veteran Ceremonies on Memorial Day.

For the life of me, I can’t see what the big deal is.

President Bush didn’t start attending the event until 2003 and his father never did attend. The show went on!

Our former White House pervert-in-residence Bill Clinton did attend all the events during his eight years in office, but you have to wonder if it was just to get away from Hillary so he could meet some bimbo somewhere.

So Mr. Obama chooses to spend time back in Chicago with “friends.”

Maybe he wants to spend some quality time with those dedicated men-of the-cloth, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright.  Perhaps he needs some spiritial quidance.

Maybe he just wants to lay in the back yard on a hammock and sip on beer and eat a few pretzels.

Maybe he just wants to go to a good movie like Iron man II or just spend several days watching MSNBC, his personal news network.

What’s the big deal?

I believe if I had plans to attend the event in Washington and found out Obama was going to be there, I would stay at home. I wouldn’t walk 10 feet out of my way to see him. I certainly am not interesting in hearing him read a “speech” from a teleprompter.

While I know he would not be interested in having dinner with a little country boy from the south, I wouldn’t invite him into my home even if I thought he might accept an invitation.

Barack Obama is not my idea of a normal American citizen. He reeks of dishonesty and arrogance at every turn  as he goes about his chosen plan to turn America into another Socialist Republic of China or at the very least, another Russia.

Anyone that would put a homosexual beside me in a fox-hole, allow my tax money to be used to kill conceived, even if unborn babies and give billions of dollars to incompetently managed companies like Chrysler is not high on the good character list. He accomplished this monumental achievement while mortgaging the future of the nation for the next 50 years. This man is not someone I want as a friend.  He is just a tad too liberal to my way of thinking.  When he comes on my TV,  I either change the channel or turn it off.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t normally bash Obama. He was elected as President  and we are paying the price for a great many Americans  serious mistake in judgment. I respect the office of the president. I just find it impossible to have any respect for the individual currently in that position.

Things have a way of working out. Despite the efforts of Obama and his band of White House cut-throats,  we do have hope for the future.  There will be other elections giving us time to rectify the horrible mistake of putting this president in office.  We must not fail as a country again in the arena of reasonable judgment.

I do get tired of the press and the Republican Party continuously dredging up new misadventures of Obama. Anything he might do outside normal fiscal responsibility is just his normal view on life. His ineptness is within his inner self. That is not going to ever change. It is too far ingrained in his phyche.

Can we stand two more years of this man in the key leadership position in the United States? Unfortunately, there are a little over 50% of our voters that saw to it that we don’t have a choice.


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