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The Chicken Plant, High School Super-star:The Junior Year and The Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football



The Golden Age Of Jefferson Dragon Football

The Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football

Specifics:  This is the THIRD novel by Cecil Buffington.  His first writing; The Chicken Plant is still on the best seller lists in Canada and Brazil.  His second novel; High School Super-star: The Junior Year reached the top one-hundred on the best seller list in six states and is currently being printed for foreign distribution.  A sequel: High School Super-star II: The Senior Year will be released by June of 2011.  A sequel to the Chicken Plant is also complete and will be released in March of 2012.  It has a four-star rating by Publish America as to Best Seller potential.

Buffington completed a manuscript: The Golden Age of Jefferson, Georgia for a June publication.  When local Jefferson author Harry Woodward Bryan  published his novel: Pains and Gains, he shelved the publication and submitted another manuscript with local appeal: The Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football for immediate publication. His feeling was there was too much commonality between the two storylines to put it into print.  It may or may not be released at a future date. 

The New Buffington novel traces the history of the Jefferson High School football program from its inception in 1947 through 1965.  These are the years that Buffington fondly refers to as the "Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football."


Take a trip back into time.  Back to when the Jefferson High School Dragon football team was born.  Who was their opponent that first game?  Against what team did they score their first touchdown?  When and against whom did they pick up their first win? Who was their first head coach?  Who were some of their early stars?

All these questions and many more are answered in this unique 264 page novel featuring the beginning of the football program at Jefferson High School.  Also, photo's are displayed of some of the best football players in Jefferson history.

Revisit all the seasons from 1947 to 1964.  Years that Cecil Buffington has effectionately termed "The Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football."

Buffington authored "The Chicken Plant" and "High School Super-star: The Junior Year.  Both were directed toward national and international markets.

"The Golden Age of Jefferson Dragon Football" is a local interest novel featuring historical archives of the cities World War II years and the Jefferson football teams of the 50s and 60s.


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