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During my 38 years in the poultry Industry I had the good fortune to work with several outstanding companies. None stood taller than Perdue Farms.  As I look back on my years with Perdue, it is with fondness and gratitude.  They are the most professional, most safety, quality and human relations concerned company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  Working with Perdue Farms was the high Light of my poultry career and I thank them sincerly.

The next time you purchase poultry, pick up some Perdue items.  You will be hooked on their wholesome, high quality and great tasting products.  I guarantee it! 

Cecil Buffington

Mr. Jim Perdue ~ CEO of Perdue Farms

Franklin Parsons "Frank" Perdue (May 9, 1920 – March 31, 2005), born in Salisbury, Maryland, was for many years the president and CEO of Perdue Farms, now one of the largest chicken-producing companies in the United States.