Uga ~The University Of Georgia Mascot History

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The NEW Uga ~ Uga VIII

Uga I


Uga V


Russ Left, turns over the Dawg House to Uga VIII as he welcomes the NEW Georgia Bulldog Mascot.


Russ ~ Interim Mascot in 2010.

Uga II

Uga IV

Uga VI

Uga VIII cools off as the Bulldogs down Vandy 43 - 0 on his debut on October 16, 2010.

Georgia Bulldog players congratulate Uga VIII after his first win as the Bulldog mascot.


Genealogy of Uga namesakes

Records for each mascot
Uga I53486.523
Uga II42163.713
Uga III71322.684
Uga IV77244.731
Uga V65391.624
Uga VI87270.763
Uga VII1670.696

  • Uga I ("Hood's Ole Dan", 1956–1966) – the original, a grandson of a bulldog that accompanied the Georgia football team to its Rose Bowl victory and national championship in 1942. One SEC football title (1959).
  • Uga II ("Ole Dan's Uga", 1966–1972) – two Southeastern Conference  (SEC) football titles (1966 and 1968) and one national title (1968 Litkenhaus poll).
  • Uga III ("Seiler's Uga Three", 1972–1981) – presided over Georgia's second consensus national championship season in 1980 and two SEC championships (1976 and 1980).
  • Uga IV ("Uga III's Magillicuddy/Seiler's Uga Four", 1981–1990) – was the first live mascot ever invited to a Heisman trophy   presentation in 1982 when, while wearing a tux, Uga IV accompanied Herschel Walker to the Downtown Athletic Club; two SEC championships (1981 and 1982).
  • Uga V ("Uga IV's Magillicuddy II", 1990–1999) – portrayed his father, Uga IV, in the motion picture Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and was on the cover of  Sports Illustrated in 1997; propelled to the national spotlight when he lunged at an Auburn wide receiver, Robert Baker,  during a game in 1996.
  • Uga VI ("Uga V's Whatchagot Loran", 1999–2008) – two SEC championships (2002 and 2005), two Sugar Bowl victories (2003 and 2008), and more than 20 victories over ranked opponents, more than any Uga before him. Uga VI was also larger than any of his predecessors, weighing in at 65 pounds. Uga VI has the best winning percentage and most wins overall of any Uga.
  • Uga VII ("Uga VI's Loran's Best", 2008–2009) – his tenure ended abruptly, near the end of his second season, when he died of heart failure on November 19, 2009.
  • Uga VIII ("Big Bad Bruce", 2010–present) – to be introduced at the Oct. 16, 2010 homecoming game against Vanderbilt.

The names "Magillicuddy," "Loran's Best" and "Whatchagot Loran" were given in honor of longtime Georgia icons Dan McGill  and Loran Smith,  espectively (when former lead radio announcer Larry Munson called Smith for a sideline report, he asked "Whatchagot Loran?").

 Temporary mascots

Although there have been seven Ugas to date, five other bulldogs (four from the same family line) have served as temporary sideline mascots.

  • Bugga Lou – 1971 – This unrelated, female, brown-and-white bulldog filled in for an ailing Uga II for the South Carolina and Florida  ames during the 1971 season.
  • Argos/Knute – 1972 – The dog's given name at birth was Argos, but he had been given to another family member and had his named changed to Knute before he was called into service. Knute served as temporary mascot for the first game of the 1972 season against Baylor,  since Uga II had died and the future Uga III wasn't deemed to be mature enough to serve yet. Uga III was introduced for the second game of the 1972 season against North Carolina. 
  • Otto – 1986 – Otto, the older brother of Uga IV, filled in for him during four games in the 1986 season after Uga IV injured his left hind knee jumping off a hotel bed prior to a game against Vanderbilt.  Otto finished with a 3–1 record. He also served as co-mascot for the Georgia Tech game that year with Uga IV. Legendary former coach Vince Dooley has said that Otto was his favorite Georgia mascot, "because he came off the bench and got the job done."
  • Magillicuddy I – 1989 – He filled in for an ailing Uga IV, his brother, at the 1989 Peach Bowl.  Uga IV died after the end of the 1989 season, but Magillicuddy was considered to be too old to be named the new mascot.
  • Russ – 2009/2010 – After the death of Uga VII, his five-year-old half-brother, Russ, filled in for Georgia's 30–24 upset of in-state rival Georgia Tech, the 44–20  Independence Bowl win over Texas A&M,  and the beginning of the 2010 season.   
  • Uga VIII made his debut at the Vanderbilt-Georgia homecoming game on October 16, 2010.   

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