JEFFERSON PHOTO'S ~ 1970 - 2012


Jefferson Photo's ~ 1970 - 2008 - Some Players in Group photo's were not identified. If viewers know the identity of "Unknown" players, notify me at and I'll get their name in place. 

... Tyler Porter  clears 16'7-1/4" in 2010 State Track and field Championships in Jefferson

Tyler Porter Through The Years

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Jason Hensley - 1990

Joseph, Holly and Jason Hensley - 1990

Joseph Henley ( September 1, 1976 - May 29, 1996 ) Tribute from the Hensley family - From the 1997 Jefferson Football Program ~ A town was touched when you went away; Hearts poured open, tears dripped for days. Not an hour passes by when you are not on our minds, We will miss you, we will love you . . . for all time. Today, Inspiration is the word to describe you, As you sit by the Lord, watching the Red & Blue!

Joseph Hensley - Jefferson Dragons ~ 1993

1995 Jefferson Dragons ~ ROW 1 L-R; Tyler Truelove, Jody Pollock, Theron Brown, Michael Ferguson, Steve Fields, Caine jackson, John Land, Shanga Moon, D.J. O'Clare, Josh green, Jimbo Elrod, Calvin Lyles. ROW 2 L-R; Eric Tate, Jermaine Strickland, Grant Barnett, Matt Childress, Keiron Rakestraw, Savalas Reed, Frederick Lester, Drew Benson, Ron Freeman, Brandon Anglin, Darian Rakestraw. ROW 3; L-R; Robbie Kinney, Chris Little, Jason Fulcher, Carter Cain, Cody Cain, Todd Samples, Vince Hardy, # 57 Unknown, Brian Ridling, # 62 Unknown, Justin Seibert, Brad Funderburk, Robbie Camp, Wes Ekard, Judson Duke, Danny Martin, Hutch Porter, # 77 Unknown, Kevin Nix, Will Bryan, Justin McKinney, Dallas Bond, Jonathon Boswell.

1990 Jefferson Dragons - Players Only ~ ROW 1 L-R; Ken Hancock, Walter Lentz, Kevin Crosby, Sam Herren, Donnie Denton, Ben Land, Jeff Westmoreland, ROW 2 L-R; Bryan Bruce, Troy Lovelace, Wayne Borders, Jimmy Rogers, Dustin Deadwyler, Ken Beck, Stephen Kinney, Kevin Bennett. ROW 3 L-R; Chip Fuller, Bubba Norris, Timmy Edwards, Brian Crow, Mac Gunnels, Greg Duncan and Shade Storey. Head Coach Steve Adams.

Phillip Thompsom, Coach Jim Stoudenmire and Gary Porter ~ 1981 JHS Dragons.

1977 State Runnerup ( 10 - 4 ) ~ Jefferson Dragons ~ Coach Jim Stoudenmire - Team - L-R Row 1; Mgr. W. Banks, Mgr. K. Stoudenmire, D. Moon, M. Mason, C. Poole, R. Sims, M. Watson, K. Glenn, D. Thurmond, B. Norris, J. Streetman, S. Potts, J. Bailey, Mgr. C. Waters. Row 2 L-R; R. Watson, G. Williams, M. Shields, S. Love, D. Cain, M. Smith, J. Benton, B. Gurley, J. Qualls, H. ward, J. Potts. Row 3 L-R; Coach Stoudenmire, G. Black, B. Hix, D. Potts, J. Glenn, J. Parks, T. Berry, R. Watson, T. Corbett, T. Mason, J. Shields, G. Samples, Coach Weatherington, and Coach Horne.

1997 Jefferson Dragons - ( Players Only ) ROW 1 L-R; Shanga Moon, Frederick Lester, Eric Wilburn, Corey Hill, Jeremy Love, Dallas bond, Alvin Martin, Jeff Ormsby, Caine Jackson, Chad Hemphill. Row 2 L-R; Josh Green, Jimbo Elrod, Jonathon Boswell, Justin Gooch, Roderick Young, Stephen Sims, Shayne Wilburn, Calvin Lyles, Cody Cain, Steve Green. Row 3 L-R; Michael Seibert, David Parks, Clint Bryson, Seth Beeco, Carter Cain, Vince Hardy, David Kirkindoll, Wes Ekard, Coda Carloss, Mathew Chapman, Obadiah Durham. ROW 4 L-R; Andrew Benson, Dusty Beck, Matt Coile, Will Bryan, Chris Bush, Chris Gooch and Brian Ferguson. Head Coach: Bob Gurley.

1977 JHS Cheerleaders - L-R; W. Bruce, D. Cannon, J. Curruth, E. Hawkins, K. Mason, L. Bladwin, S. Davenport, K. Wilbanks, C. Irvin and B. Jacobs.

( Seated ) Ranata Reed ( Captain ), Kasey Schlutow, Roshuanda Adams, Jill Sosebee, Stephenie Pruitt, ( Kneeling ) Raven Moon, Karyn Carter, Alleah Wilson, ( Standing ) Ashley Wheaton, Loring Rush, Alicia Hancock, and Chandra Mullins. 1997 JHS Dragon Cheerleaders.

JHS Boys Varsity - 1981 ~ ( Kneeling ) L - R; Clyde Jones, Clay Roberts, Charles Usher, Stan Harrison, Bill Roberts, Karl Studivant, ( Standing ) Coach Bolling Dubose, Leif Ahnell, Leonard Mattox, Danny Hammonds, Lewis Watson, Kenny Poole, and Ronald Watson. The team finished with a 12 - 11 record.

1996 - Red Wood, Mary Healan & Lane Downs when the Olympic torch passes through Jefferson.

Cary Buffington - JHS Dragons 1998.

On May 12, 1988 ~ Chris Keen of Jefferson cleared 15'8" to win the class AA pole Vault at Georgia Olympics XVII. It was the first time a Georgia High School performer cleared 15' on Georgia soil

Coach Jack Keen turns the Dragon Wrestling Program into an annual state title contender. 1978.

Dragon Halfback Todd Berry rambles for yardage versus Commerce in 1976. Berry went on to star at South Carolina.

In the 90s ~ The Jefferson Lady Dragons became a force under the direction of Coach Demaris Gurley. 1997 Lady Dragons. Front Row L-R; Bridget Davis, Brooklyn Marlowe, Carrie Baxter, Sybil Norwood, Misty Lance, Hollye Williamson, Taryn Gurley. Row 2 L-R; Laura Bridges, Kelly ay, Melisa Ledford, Corey Carter, Misty Holloway, Katherine Keen, Karyn Carter, Shanda McClure. Row 3 L-R; Coach Stephanie Crowe, Coach Mariena Nix and Coach demaris Gurley.

1980 Wrestling Team - Jefferson Dragons - ROW 1 - L-R; Koil Holder, Ralph Martin, Tom Bailey, Chip sims, Alfred Borders, Greg Kinney, ROW 2-L-R; Jeff Keen, Mike Jackson, Dan Harrell, David Dalton, Sammy Usher, Gary Brewer, James O'Shields, Greg Turner, ROW 3-L-R; Joey Wright, Doug Thurmond, Darren Glenn, Warren Thomas, Philip Thompson, Paul Allen and Zak Daniels.

L-R: Jimmy Benson, Andrew Benson and Guy Dean Benson ~ 1997

Dragon Chain Crew - L-R; John Kesler - 1960 - 1997, Cecil Buffington - 1968 - 1992, Billy Mitchell - 1970 - 1993.

Coach Jim Lofton Book signing at North Hall 2010; Standing L-R; Mike Beatty, Ronnie Smith, Dennis Marlowe, Coach Lofton, Mike Nabors and Alex Bryan. Kneeling L-R; Don Elrod and Garry Glenn.

JHS in Saban 7on7 semi-finals at Bryant Denney Stadium vs Foley Alabama

1973 Jefferson High School Football Cheerleaders - L-R Row 1 - Martha Camp, Paula Parks, Diane Cain, Kay Rainwater. Standing - Venessa Victrum, Kathy Cannon. Third Row - L - R: Jackie Duke, Patsy Watson, Demaris Porter, Janice Wilbanks and Ceil Jarrett.

1973 Jefferson High School Basketball Cheerleaders - L-R- Sitting: Jackie Duke, Debbie Marlow, Janice Yates, Kathy Cannon, Vickie Carson. Standing - L-R: Ceil Jarrett, Diane Cain, Teri McMullan and Kay Rainwater.

L-R: Casey Wilbanks, Jonathon Borders, Matt Pugh, Keith Collins.

Names unavailable.

2004 JHS Cheerleaders.

Pugh on Left, Hancock on Right.

1994 Jefferson Graduating Class.

1982 Jefferson Dragonettes - L-R: C. Buffington, M. Gilstrap, M. Curruth, L. Cox, P. Berry, S. Holder. Back Row - L-R: D. Shields, B. S. Watson, S. Deadwyler, R. Cope, K. Adams and Vickle Tuggle.

1982 Jefferson dragons - L-R: M. Williams, K. Sturdivant, C. Usher, J. Adams, E. Whiting, S. Harrison. Back Row - L-R: K. Poole, D. Hammonds, L. Mattox, L. Watson, H. L. Damons, J. Cook and C. Martin.

1981 Jefferson Dragons - Front Row - L-R: Jay Joiner, Keith Lord, Eddie Kirkman, Larry Joe Murphy, Drew Bray, Gary Whitlock, Jacky Poole, Scott Dill, Timmy Page, Clyde Elrod, Robert Dunn. Second Row - L-R: Wayne Baird, Kelly Porter, Keith Lance, Melvin Griffith, David Mayfield, Stan Simpson, Kenny Young, Ron Bagley, Tommy Healan, Stacey Hanley, Mike Kidd. Third Row - L-R: Chuck Neese, Rex Alley, Jim Stoudenmire, Ray Pethel, Mark Fowler, Sid Glenn, Brian Bennett, Ben Jacobs, Mike Smith and Eric Chandler.

1976 Jefferson High School Football Cheerleaders - L-R - B. Bell, B. Jacobs, J. Williamson, K. Redd, R. Conner, T. Kay, K. Wilbanks, J. Hughs, W. Bruce and Kris Mason.

2009 Jefferson Dragons . . . Region Champions . . . Front Row L - R - Caleb Meek, Unknown, Kyle Hardy, Timothy Kushuba, Unknown, Unknown. Middle Row - Ben Daniel, Jamie Sexton, Cain Thurmond, Jesse Talent, Jason Demos, Nathan Carson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Back Row. - Coach Knight, Chris Swancey, Greg Hayes, Connor Phillips, Jake Fields, Chris Beck, Lucas Redd, Charlie McClure, Jared Kiamel, Unknown.

1976-77 Jefferson High school Basketball Cheerleaders - Front to Back - D. Bray, A, Sims, C. Tucker, C. Bruce, S. Love, J. Williamson, T. Kay, G. Elrod.

Ms. Martha Jo Blackstock at the 1955 Jefferson High School Reunion on July 31, 2011.

1955 Jefferson High School Class Reunion. July 31, 2011. 1st row: Miss Martha Jo Blackstock (teacher), Josephine Pass Allen, Mary Alice Evans Williams, Mildred Venable Murphy, Hilda Logan Bowman, Clara Carruth Jones. 2nd row: Agnes Payne Bell, Marian Legg Mahaffey, Don Eberhart, Pat Satterfield Johnson, Nellie Sue Daniel. 3rd row: Tom Henderson, Bill Langford, Howard Cooper, Jerry Edwards, Jackie Wilson Smith, Dan Hutchins.

Cary Buffington fires a fastball.