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Continued random photos with comments by Cecil Buffington


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The wild, wild west.

Barry as Bat Masterson and Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp.

Lee Meriweather as the "Cat Woman" in the Batman TV series.

Batman and Robin from the TV series.

Glady's gets a lesson in "rednekkin".

You just feel better when you smile or laugh.

Beautiful! 'nuff said.

Chuck Norris! An all-time favorite.

The Tech-Georgia football rivalry! So much fun!

Read and heed!

Cats are beautiful animals!

Don't think I'd like living here!

Beautiful lake scene!

The old railroad tracks at dusk!

A beautiful golf course setting!

I don't believe I'd have went on this sight-seeing venture!

A close to the ocean hotel. Too close?

Might be good to know!

All made from flowers!

Could have been at the Commerce Drive-in, Beechwood, Athens or in Gainesville, Georgia! I remember them well!

Squirrels are interesting little animals. My back yard is full of them!

I just love cats and cat pictures!

Our old ways have left us and it's not been in our better interest!

Some good-looking Georgia Tech uniforms. The Tech uniforms of today are just ugly to say the least.

I used to but a nickle pack of cool-aid and make pop-sickles in my grandmothers ice trays. Put in sticks and all. Great fun as a kid.

A bluebonnett field in Texas. Pretty sight!

I may try this sometimes?

Bobby Dodd/Grant field in Atlanta. Love this old stadium.

One of the sleezey secret service men "checking" out Sara Palin. That's what the slime-ball agent posted on his face book status .

God Bless Dick Clark. He will be long remembered by my generation.

Annette as, hmmn, well, as Annette.

Annette as a "Mouse k' teer."

Elizabeth Taylor was not one of my favorites, but I did think she was a really good looking lady.

Don't care what others think of him! In my opinion he was the best of all time in any type role. A great actor.

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee. Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier! Made my 1955 year one of the most fun times of my life. R,I.P Fess Parker.

Marilyn Monroe was a mess in her personal life. I never saw a movie she was in that I liked. But, I have always been intrigued by her story and the events leading up to her death. She was a very lovely woman!

Yes Master! What ever you want, Master! Ah. Jennie! Loved that show!

Amazing resemblance, don't you think? Enjoyed the Munsters!

Had to throw in this one! Can't make it through Tuesday night without watching NCIS.

Kato and the Green Hornet! Another one of my 50's/6-0's favorite TV shows.