The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Jefferson Memorial Stadium Photos.

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On September 7, 1962 . . . Jefferson Memorial Stadium saw the first football game played on its football field.   Exactly 50 years from that date, a group of participants from that debut night for the stadium met in Jefferson to honor the tradition of Jefferson Memorial Stadium. 

Long time friends met to honor the stadium, were themselves honored with an introduction before the game, and watched as the Dragons rolled over rival Jackson County, 28 -6. 

I want to thank the Jefferson High School administration, coaches and everyone that made this event possible.  It was not a trivial  event to us . . . but a major spectacle in our lives and minds.

It was indeed a night to remember.

Cecil Buffington


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Jefferson Academy welcomed Jefferson High School alumni from that 1962 game.

A big part of the Stadium reunion was a tour of beautiful Jefferson Academy.

Mildred Stringer Stovall, Susan Ethridge Chaisson, Guy Dean Parks Benson and Gloria Spence Henderson .

Time to start the tour . . .

L - R: Mildred Stringer, Guy Dean Benson, Susan Chaisson, Gloria Henderson, Posy Henson and Cecil Buffington.

L-R: Susan, Guy Dean, Gloria, Posy, Mildred and Cecil.

The Jefferson Academy Gym.

Jefferson Academy lunch room.

Jefferson Memorial Stadium.

The 1962 participants of the opening game in Jefferson make their way into the tribute zone at the stadium. Pictured are L-R: Earle Tompkins, Mildred Stovall. Priscilla Daves, Guy Dean Benson, Ron Lewis, Doris Lewis, Pat Head and Susan Chaisson.

Gary Brooks, Sara Massey Hensley, Bob Freeman and Jason Hensley chat.

Mike Arnold, Judy Ingram Arnold and Roger Jackson watch the game.

Posy storey Henson and Ellen Hall Jawerski catching up..

John Kesler and a young friend pose for the camera.

Guy Dean Benson with Julie McEver Kirksey and husband Tim..

The Brooks clan . . . Gary, Roberta, Mr. D. D. Brooks and Dianne.

Cecil Buffington and Gary Brooks.

Roger Jackson, Howard Sauls, Gary Brooks and Cecil Buffington.

Doris Sears Lewis and Cecil Buffington with Roger Jackson in the background.

Cecil Buffington with Pat head, the Cobb County District Attorney.

Pat Head having some fun with Cecil Buffington.

Cecil Buffington and Earle Tompkins.

Roger Jackson, Terry Marlowe, Mike Arnold, Judy Arnold and Suzanne Skelton.

Roger Jackson, Mike Arnold, Judy Arnold, Suzanne Moore Skelton, Herbert Skelton and Terry Cotton. Susan Chaisson standing.

Suzanne Skelton, Herbert Skelton, Terry Cotton, Howard Sauls and Earle Tompkins.

J.B. ( Jimmy ) Benson.

The Bensons ( Guy Dean and J. B. ) and the Kirksey's. ( Julie and Tim ).

Priscilla Daves.

Mildred Stringer Stovall.

Dianne and Mr. Dorsey Brooks.

Posy, Susan, Ellen and Sara.

Gary and Roberta Brooks.

Herbert Skelton, Howard Sauls and Earle Tompkins.

Howard Sauls and Earle Tompkins.

Guy Dean and J.B. Benson.

Mildred Stovall. Tim and Julie Kirksey, Guy Dean Benson with Sara Hensley.

A long history of sucess for the Jefferson Dragons.

Cheering on the Dragons.

Butch Porter and Ed Thompson chat with Terry Marlow.

Sara and Susan chat.