Memorial Stadium 50th Anniversary Photos Continued . . .

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September 7, Memorial Stadium Tribute in Jefferson at the Jackson County - Jefferson football game.  By Cecil Buffington

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Judy Arnold, Mike Arnold and Herbert Skelton chat as they watch the game.

Earle Tompkins reads the program as Terry Marlowe watches the action.

Juile Kirksey and Suzanne Skelton .

Posy Henson ( foreground ), as Gary Brooks, Herbert Skelton and Terry Cotton carry on a conversation.

Suzanne and Julie.

Susan Ethridge, Terry Marlowe, Terry Cotton and Earle Tompkins.

Susan Chaisson, surrounded by grandchildren and little lady dragons.

Herbert Skelton, Gary Brooks and Roberta Brooks.

Judy Ingram Arnold and Mike watching the game.

Posy Henson and Guy Dean Benson check out the "goodies" box.

Jefferson Memorial Stadium on September 7 of 1962.

Jefferson Memorial stadium on September 7 of 2012. You've come a long way, baby!

In the first game played in Memorial Stadium in 1962, The Dragons won 6 - 0 over Georgia Industrial Institute. On the same day in 2012, the Dragons won 28 - 6 over Jackson County. I guess you can return home again.

Dianne Brooks and Mr. Dorsey Brooks will return to their Pendergrass home. He served as my ( Cecil Buffington ) high school basketball coach in 1963 - 64 as well as being the high school principle. Mr. Brooks is awaiting his 99th birthday!

Gary and Roberta Brooks will return to their Palmer, Alaska home. We hope they enjoyed their trip back to Jefferson. We enjoyed seeing them again.

Mildred Stovall will return to her home in Homersville, Georgia. Great seeing Mildred again. She remains a very classy lady.

Doris Sears Lewis since our graduation night in 1964. They were fabulous looking ladies then ; they are fabulous looking ladies now. They will probably still be fabulous looking ladies 20 years from now.!

I had not seen . . . Julie McEver Kirksey or . . .

Many of us will continue to live out our remaining years in Jefferson. Surpporting Jefferson High School, following the Dragons and watching our city, county and schools just get bigger and better.

Pat Head will return to Cobb County where he will continue to put away the bad guys. He serves as their District Attorney. Always good to see Pat.

Thank you Jefferson High School, Coach Tim Corbett and Dragon field announcer Tom Healan for giving us the opportunity to come together on the 50th Anniversary of Jefferson Memorial Stadium. It was the building of more good Jefferson High School memories. Our alma mater will always be "The School of Champions" to us!