Cecil Buffington as a Jefferson High School senior in 1964.

A member of the Jefferson Dragons in 1982-83.

A four years starter in basketball for the Dragons.

Buffington is pictured on the back row next to the baseball coach in 1963.

Dianne Buffington.

Jack Buffington.

A Buffington family reunion in 1973.

Cecil and father Hoyt Buffington in 1975.

Hoyt Buffington, Cindy Buffington, Betty Buffington, Cathy Buffington and Lucille Buffington in 1975.

Betty Wilbanks and Cecil Buffington in 1965.

Cecil and Betty Buffington with daughter Cathy in 1967.

Grandma Emma Bennett with Cathy Buffington in 1971.

Betty and Cindy Buffington in 1969.

Aunt Nell Williamson with Cindy Buffington in 1969.

Uncle Ray Williamson with Cindy Buffington in 1969.

Cecil Buffington in the U.S. Army in 1970.

Buffington at Yankee Stadium in New York in 1970.

More Buffington army.

At Fort Dix, New Jersey in the U.S. Army.

Gary Brooks, Coach Dorsey Brooks and Cecil Buffington in 1964 at Jefferson High school.

Aunt Nell Williamson and Cathy watch uncle Ray plow in his garden.

Ray Wiliamson in his garden.

Cathy and Cindy Buffington with Uncle Jack.

Betty with the Gold Kist chicken in 1977.

Cathy with Tiny in around 1977.

Cindy Buffington with brother Cary and Tiny.

Betty with Cindy and Cathy.

Cindy Buffington

Athens Mayor Upshaw Bentely, Gold kist President Ralph Mobley and Cecil Buffington in 1977.

Cecil Buffington in 1980.

Cecil Buffington in 1985.

Gold Kist Athens Plant Manager Cecil Buffington.

Awards for Gold Kist management team in 1987.

Cecil Buffington with Perdue Farms in 1994.

Buffington at Halloween in 1986 as an injured football player.

Cecil Buffington and Cathy Cape at Halloween in 1985.

One of the Gold Kist softball teams during the Buffington years.

Don Johnson, Jim Stepp, Gerald Lester and Billy Archer at a 1989 Gold Kist Quality Performance banquet.

Around 1980, Golf became a way of life for the "chicken plant manager", Cecil Buffignton.

Buffington with a Gold Kist basketball team in 1988.