50s - 60s Reunion - June 10th, 2017


A 50s - 60s Multi-Class reunion was held on June 10th, 2017 at the Jefferson High School Cafeteria - Hosted by the "Class of 1958." 

Original invitation sent to various classmates by event leaders and posted on facebook:

Multi-Class Reunion to be held on June 10th at the Jefferson High School cafeteria. Cost is $10.00 per person. Originally the classes from 1954 through 1964 were planned. That has been expanded to 1952 through 1969 at this time.

Please register by e mail to Cecil Buffington at fishh64@yahoo.com by May 26th. Please mail your attendance fee to : Cecil Buffington, 1228 Old Pendergrass Road, Jefferson, Georgia, 30549 or Charles Gilbert at 3820 Valley Green Dr., Marietta, Georgia, 30068 or whomever the planning committee member is that you register with.

Food will be catered by Beef O'Brady and will be a buffet including Grilled Steak and Rice Platter, Chicken and Rice Platter, Fresh Fruit Platter, Chicken Finger Platter, Sandwich Wrap Platter, Desert and ice tea and lemonade for drinks.

Any other classes from pre-1970 are welcome to attend if desired. Just register by the deadline and event chairman Johnny Anglin of the Class of '58, the class hosting the event, has stated that all JHS graduates from this time-period will be welcome at the event.

It was a night when the base . . . that helped establish the golden-age era ~ 1946 - 1969 ~ student culture at Jefferson High School . . . came together. It was, indeed, a fun night for everyone that attended the event. Thanks, "Class of '58" ~ you are a high class act and put on a great show . . .

Attendance List

1. Reba (Ricks) & Leon Holmes  2. Barbara (Eberhart) Hemphill  3. Martha (Brooks) Floyd  4. Ms. Martha Jo Blackstock  5. Charles Anglin & Guest  6. Doris (Skelton) & Bud Lord  7. Norman & Sherry Botelho  8. Donald Lord  9. Bob & Shelby (Langford) Hicks 10. Gene & Lynda (Hunter) Hawkins 11. Gail Hunter(Lynda's Sister 12. Charlie Gilbert 13. Linda (Finch) Bass 14. Monk & Glenda (Gee) Tolbert 15. James Stringer & Guest 16. Juanita & Charles Carruth 17. Don & Lois Cole 18. Buddy & Dorothy Hunt 19. Carolyn Covington & Jerry Waddell 20. Bill & Martha Sue Legg 21. Claudius & Carolyn Thurmond 22. Dr. Jerry Legg 23. Dugar Strickland & Wife 24. Howard & Carol Cooper 25. Bob & Jan Nash 26. Patsy & Fred Maddox 27. Donold & Donna Eberhart 28. Dan & Rita Hutchins 29. Josephine Pass Allen 30. Agnes Payne Bell & Daughter 31. Donald & Marlyn Garrison 32. Martha Jean Adams 33. Venell Casper & Thomas Casper 34. Marie Barker & Verlyn Barker 35. Dell Tate & Mike Tate 36. Howard Sauls & Wife 37. Cecil Buffington 38. Martha & Ponchie Beck 39. Jane Jones Whitmire 40. June Nash Sanders 41. Virginia Voyles Veal 42. Bob Veal 43. Billy & June Crowe 44. Queon Smith 45. Jackie Wilson Smith 46. JC McEver & wife 47. Mays Venable 48. Bill & Sharon Stringer 49. Sara Nichols 50. Bob Gilbert 51. Guy Dean & Jimmy Benson 52. Mary Grace (Carruth) Blackstock & Grand Daughter 53. Babs (Head) Hammond 54. Brenda (Porter) Dooley 55. Ruby & Hillyer Duke 56. Tom & Carolyn(Mize) 57. James Mauldin 58. Ken & Cathy Mize 59. JoAnne (Whitmire) Tyson 60. Danny & Josephine Allen 61. Sandra (Duncan) Howington 62. Ralph Kinsey & Wife 63. Larry Brooks 64. Hazel Beatty 65. Hoyt Harris 66. Benny & Anne Thompkins 67. Talmadge Perry & Wife 68. Jimmy Sexton & Wife 69. Robbie & Evelyn Holmes 70. Butch & Peggy Porter 71. Jackie Brooks 72. Sara Gee 73. James Stovall 74. Mildred Stovall 75. Buster and Joyce Covington 76. Billy Ricks and Wife 77. Dan Cagle 78. Buck Tolbert 79. Dennis Elrod 80. Gail Elrod 81. Larry and Brenda Cooper  82. Ronnie Hopkins, Board Of Education Chairman  83. Jefferson High School Principal Brian Moore

50s - 60s - Multi-Class Reunion Tribute Video.

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Current entrance to Jefferson High School.

Jefferson High School in 1952.

The Class of 1958. - 50th reunion - Front row - L-R - Lynda Hunter ( Hawkins ), Jack Crisler, Junan Crisler ( Davis ), Glenda Tolbert ( Gee ), Barbara Eberhart ( Hemphill ), Doris Skelton ( Lord ), Ann Dalton ( Hewett ), James ( Jim ) Stringer, Mary Grace Blackstock ( Curruth ), Charles Anglin, Donald McEver, Charles Anglin, Maxine Brown ( Lord ). Back Row - L-R - Melvin Tolbert, Charles Gilbert, Shelby Langford ( Hicks ), Johnny Melvin, Johnny Davis, Norman Botelho, Sewell Blackstock, Tommy Carithers, Don Truluck, Donald Lord. Present but not in picture - Carol Murphy, Mary Eula Whittimote McKnight, Early McKnight, Martha Brooks Floyd, Sue Brown Truluck, James T. Lord. Guests - Mr. Haley A. Fleming, Sue Holliman, Donald Eberhart, Woodie Murphy, Larry Brooks, Donald Cole, and Cecil Buffington. The Class of 1958 served as hosts of the 2017, 50s - 60s multi-class reunion on June 10th at the Jefferson High School Cafeteria. Over 120 people were in attendance at the event. It was exceptional in every way. Thank you Class of 1958 . . .

Junan Davis Crisler and Charles Gilbert - 1957 Best Sportsmanship Awards

Donald Cole was an exceptional Jefferson running back and track performer from 1950 - 1953.

Howard Sauls and J.C. McEver - Class of 1965

Reba Ricks Holmes and Doris Skelton Lord look in on the festivities at the 50s - 60s reunion.

Charles Anglin and Brenda Samples Riddle talk about the "good ol' days."

The 1952 Jefferson Dragons Coached by John W. Davis. ~ First Row; Left to Right; Sidney Johnson, Dwight Howard, Robin Self, Y.D. Maddox, Billy Wilbanks, Robert Taylor, Manager. Second Row; Left to Right: Charles Middlebrooks, Davis Roberts, Marvin Hall, Gerald Brookshire, Nelson Tolbert, and Donald Cole. Third Row; Left to Right; Thomas Crenshaw, Mack Elder, John Anderson, Prince Watkins, Jerry Johnson and Jimmy McRee. Fourth Row; Left to Right; Caroll Dadsiman, Raymond Adams, Charlie Barrett, Earl Carithers and Billy Sailors.

The 1953 Jefferson Dragon Football Team ~ First Row ~ Left to Right; Carithers, Manager, Langford, Stansel, Marlow, Cutts, Wages, Duke and Hall. Second Row ~ Left to Right; McMullan, Howard, Toney, Wilbanks, Taylor and Maddox. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Williamson, Johnson, J. Johnson, Anderson, Potts, Carithers, Roberts and Samples.

First Row ~ Left to Right: Jerry Johnson, Gilmer Glenn, Bobby Davis, Bucky Johnson, Howard Cooper, Webster Samples, Locke Potts and Jackie Scott. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Gus Johnson, Ed Stancil, Benny Tompkins, Allen Duffel, Bobby Manus, Eugene Doster, Wayne Wages and Captain Dwight Howard. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Robert Taylor, Woodrow Stewart, Donald Marlow, Hoke Elrod, Roger Maddox, Marvin Hall, Billy Wilbanks and Donald Cole.

First Row~ Left to Right; Dan Hutchins, Robert Taylor, Charles Gilbert, Bobby Manus, Second Row ~ Left to Right; Donald Marlow, Monk Tolbert, Wayne Wages, Ed Stancil and Columbus Williamson. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Gilmer Glenn, Benny Thompkins, Bucky Johnson, Jerry Black, Webster Samples, C. Fleeman, H, Cooper and Woodrow Stewart. Not shown Billy Ricks, Howard Langford and and Bobby Nix.

First Row ~ Left to Right; T. Taylor, B. Potter, G, Duke, D, Gasaway, G. Johnson, S, Scott, J. Kesler, C. Gilbert, Second Row ~ Left to Right; D. Berryman, F. Gilbert, M. Tolbert, W. Wages, L. Williamson, O. Whitmite, J. Gooch, H. Harris, B. Ricks, a. Logan. Third Row ~ Left to Right; R. Tolbert, J. Parr, C. Williamson, G. Glenn, J. Black, W. Samples, B. Tompkins, W. Finch, W. Stewart, Manager C. Fleeman.

The 1957 Dragon Football squad; First Row ~ Left to Right; Stringer, Nichols, Logan, Whitmire, Wilson, Lyle, Scott, Blackstock, Waddell, Venable. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Williamson, Tolbert, Anglin, Potter, Duke, Brothers, Kesler, Botelho, Davis and Jackson. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Aaron, Brooks, Foster, Gilbert, gasaway, Tolbert, Lord, Storey and Manager John Davis.

1953 - 54 Jefferson Dragons Basketball Team. First Row ~ Left to Right; Wayne Wages, Hershel Middlebrooks, Howard. Langford and Billy Wilbanks, Second Row ~ Left to Right; Davis Roberts, Tommy Henderson, Marvin Hall, Y.D. Maddox and Don Cole. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Coach Henderson, Locke Potts, Jerry Edwards, John Anderson and M. Davis, Manager.

First Row, Left to Right; L. Wood, B. Tolbert, D. Gause, R. Kinsey, J. Sexton, S. Jackson, W. Foster, R. Langford. Second Row, Left to Right; G. Duke, L. Brothers, J. Kesler, J. Aaron, D. Wise, J. Davis, M. Venable, T. Carithers. Third Row, Left to Right; J. Lyle, B. Riddle, E. Marlow, D. Tatum, B. Porter, D. Tompkins, J. Waddell, Manager Herbert Wilson. Players not pictured; George Waddell and Sammy Scott.

The 1955 - 56 Jefferson High School Dragonettes - Front Row ~ Left to Right; Barbara Eberhart, Junan Davis, Linda Meade, Emma Lou Murphy, Mary Frances McNeal. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Reba Ricks, Doris Skelton, Sarah Ellen Shropshire, Kathleen Whitehead, Marcia Head. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Mary Nell Davis, Martha Langford, Martha Ann Langford, Bobbie Wilson, Doris Garrison and Lilly Murphy.

1959 Jefferson Dragons. First Row ~ Left to Right; B. Porter, R. Jackson, R. Kinsey, D. Gause, L. Wood, J. Sexton. Second Row ~ Left to Right; E. Marlow, T. Venable, R. Langford, D. Tompkins, L Cooper, J. Davis, D. Wise. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Manager Richard Gearin, J. Waddell, B. Riddle and H. Wilson.

1960 Jefferson Dragons ~ First Row, L-R; Buck Tolbert, John Parks, John Davis, Jr., Jerry Middlebrooks, Jimmy Sexton, Larry Benton. Second Row, L-R; Roger Jackson, Eddie Marlow, Wayne Butler, Ralph Kinsey, Earle Tompkins, Michael Arnold, Larry Cooper. Third Row, L-R; George Waddell, Brian Duke, Burton Riddle, Jeff Davis, Jerry Waddell, Don Tompkins, Harold Bone and Damon West.

1961 Jefferson Dragons. First Row - L - R; Terry Marlow, Roger Stover, Harold Bone, Billy Curruth, Jerry Fletcher, Jerry Waddell, Don Tompkins, Damon Gause. Second Row - L - R; Damon West, John Parks, Roger Jackson, Thomas Bond, Jack Wilson, Jerry Sailors, Larry Cooper, Rod Johnson, Kesler Perry. Third Row - L - R; Buck Tolbert, Richard Gearin, Bob Gilbert, Jerry Gearin, John Davis, Larry Benton, Tommy Riddle, Brian Duke, Jimmy Benson.

Firts Row - L - R; Thomas Bond, Mike Arnold, Earle Tompkins, Buck Tolbert, Roger Jackson. Second Row - L- R: John Parks, Ronnie Johnson, Dennis Wright, Mike Cotton, Gary Brooks, Terry Cotton. Third Row - L- R: Rod Johnson, Howard Sauls, Harold Bone, Cecil Buffington, Walton Halski, Larry Fletcher, Jerry Gearin. Fourth Row - L - R: Mike Welborn, George Kesler, Steve Wilson, David Gooch, Jerry Gearin. Fifth Row - L- R: Manager Doyle Strickland, Billy Duke, Richard Gearin, Gerald Foster, Bob Gilbert.

1963 Dragons ~ Front Row ~Right; L. Stewart, D. Foster, J. Parks, D. West, B. Duke, B. Tolbert, T. Cotton, T. Bond, H. Sauls, B. Ray. Second Row ~ Left to Right; D. Beatty, J. Stovall, G. Foster, T. Nabors, R. Johnson, W. Storey, D. Glenn, G. Kesler, D. Hancock, S. Pethel. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Manager Tommy Riddle, T. Marlow, J. Davis, G, Brooks, J. Elrod, J. Gearin, E. Tompkins, S. Wilson, J. C. McEver, B. Martin, C. Hooper, E. Watson, Manager R. Gearin. Not pictured C. Buffington.

Football Team: First Row - L - R; G. Foster, R. Johnson, G. Kesler, B. Duke, D. Hancock, J. Stovall, E. Watson, L. Stewart, D. Murphy, C. Godfrey. Second Row - L- R; M. Cotton, C. Anglin, G. Thurmond, D. Beatty, H. Sauls, D. Watson, B. Ray, T. Beatty, J. C. McEver, W. Storey. Third Row - L - R; R. Cooper, J. Bishop, R. Johnson, T. Nabors, M. Burnett, S. Bryan, C. Hooper, J. Beatty, H. Williams, J. Elrod. Fourth Row - L- R; K. Rosser, C. Fuller, S. Wilson, M. McCain, D. Foster, D. McEver. This was Coach John Davis' last Jefferson football team.

Coach Jim Lofton's first Jefferson Dragon football team.

The Jim Lofton coached team went 8 - 1 - 1 and shut out 6 opponents during the season. Still a Dragon record for shutouts in a 10 game season.