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On July 12, 1962, Mayor Tom Crowe demolished the Jefferson city square.  On Saturday, July 14, he was admonished and censured by the Jefferson City Council.  He was blocked from any more demolition or construction on the square until the council decided what improvements they wanted to make from that point.  Eventually, the square as it is today was the compromise result between the mayor and the council.


Sitting: Hilda Tate, Suzanne Moore. Standing - L-R; Charles Oliver, Carol Barnes, Martha Sue Cofield, Herbert Skelton.

Top Row - L - R; Diane Sailors, Pat Silman, Herbert Skelton. Second Row - L - R; Richard Smith, Rodney Smith, Marie Standridge. Third Row - L - R; Roger Stover, Marsha Stringer, Hilda Tate. Bottom Row - L - R; Connie Wilkes, James Wilkes, Kaye Wood.

Top Row - L-R; Frances Adkins, Karl Anderson, Michael Arnold. Second Row; Billy Bailey, Carol Barnes, Jane Blackstock. Third Row - L-R; Harold Bone, Carolyn Boswell, Sandra Breazeale. Bottom Row - L - R; Sue Brown, Ricky Carithers, Thomas Casper.

Top Row - L - R; Larry Kinney, Janie Kinsey, James Langford. Second Row, L- R; Conrad Lavender, Jerry Legg, Joe McMullan. Bottom Row - L - R; Martha Martin, Elizabeth Massey, Ann Melvin.

Seated - Vicki Ray. Standing - L - R; Gloria Spence, Ada Ellen Potter, Claire Colombo, John Davis, Julia McEver, Joyce Beatty.

Top Row - L- R; Carol Wills, Danny Wilson, Jack wilson. Bottom Row - L - R; Jeanette Wilson, Danny Wofford, Wayne Wright.

Top Row - L - R; Alex Bailey, Joyce Beatty, Pat Beatty. Second Row - L - R; Billy Bond, Thomas Bond, Cecil Buffington. Third Row - L - R; Billy Carithers, Brenda Clark, Ruthie Cochran. Botton Row,- L - R; Warren Compton, Alton Cooper, Terry Cotton.

Top Row - L- R; Pat Reed, Clarence Reynolds, Doris Sears, Douglas Shumake, Evelyn Smith. Second Row - L - R; Johnny Smith, Gloria Spence, Jackie Spencer, Venell Standridge, Post Storey. Bottom Row - L - R; Julia Stovall, Peggy Strickland, Wayne Strickland, Billy Stringer, Neda Stringer.

Left - Right; Rebecca Archer, Rita Legg, Larry Cole, George Kesler.

Top Row - L - R; Larry Cole, Linda Cole, Matha Sue Conner, Sue Cooper, Linda Cooper. Second Row - L - R; Randy Cooper, Mike Cotton, Diane Couch, Buster Covington, Danny Craig. Third Row - L - R; David Cronic, Linda Davis, Sammy Davis, Marie Dodd, Peggy Doster. Bottom Row - L - R; Billy Duke, Sandra Duncan, John Ellington, John Elrod, Larry Fletcher.

First Row - L - R; G. Compton, T. Hayes, J. Clark, D. Elrod, D. Beatty, W. Jackson,. Second Row - L - R; B. Payne, S. Ayers, B. Ray, P. Wilkes, B. McGinnnis. Third Row - L - R; C. Fuller, H. Long, M. Whitlock, B. Pressley, L. Stewart, D. Kinney, R. Brooks. Fourth Row - L - R; Mr. Robinson, F. Davis, P. Webb, D. Seabolt, C. Cain, T. Tatum, D. Everette.

First Row - L - R; D. Gooch, T. Patrick, D, Hancock, T. Adams, D. Carter. Second Row - L - R; L. Wheeler, D. Strickland, W. Edwards, E. Massey, L. Stewart. Third Row - L - R; k. Wood, Miss Mobley, M. Williamson, W. Martin, G. Peppers, C. Hooper. Fourth Row - L - R; L. Looney, M. McCLain, M. Jordan, M. Bullock.

Brenda Samples - Homecoming Queen - 1962.

Homecoming Court - 1962 - L- R; Kay Simmons, Jennie Wilson, Harriett Rosser, Thelma Gailey, Rita Archer.

Cecil Buffington - 1962

Diane Buffington - 1962

Herman Boswell - 1962.

Rita Archer and Larry Benton.

First Row - L - R; L Vandiver, J. Patrick, T. Holman, P. Foster, G. Wilkes, J. Smith, G. Standridge. Second Row - L - R; S. Venable, D. Skelton, E. Anthony, D. Nash, D. Elrod, M. Benson, M. Whitlock. Third Row - L - R; Mrs. Ethridge, B. Roberts, J. Gooch, D. Burnett, L. Wilson, S. Looney, M. Dalton, S. Harbin. Fourth Row - L - R; B. Barrett, D. Mealor, H. Huntsinger, S. Johnson, S. Tate.

Joy Dowdy and Dickie Storey.

Band Officers - L - R; Judy Whitmire, Head Majorette; Vicki Ray, Lieutenant; Suzanne Moore, Lieutenant; Julia Stovall, Captain; Mr. Butler, Director; Julie McEver, Drum Major.

Judy Whitmire.

Thelma Gailey and George Waddell.

Julia McEver - Drum Major - 1962

Majorettes, L - R; Kay Simmons, Diane Park, Judy Whitmire, Sara Massey, Betty Moore.

L - R; Mrs. Shrigley, Carolyn Boswell, Martha Anglin, Diane Campbell, Martha Pinion, Barbara Cooper.

Cheerleaders; Brenda Ricks, Posy Storey, Ellen Hall, Susan Ethridge.

Suzanne Moore, Julia Stovall and Vicki Ray. 1962 JHS Band.

1962 Junior-Senior Prom.

Coach John Davis - 1962