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Looking down the Winder road.

Post Card with The Harrison Hotel and front of the old square around 1945.

Coming in from Winder. Jefferson First National Bank is on the right.

Scenic Jefferson square and Harrison Hotel.

Buck Marlow Cafe ~ 1950

Old school room ~ 1930's

Jefferson Lanes construction begins in 1958.

The Bell-Maddox Boarding House

City Hall 1955

College Street 1950

First National Bank of Jefferson 1908

The Harrison Hotel 1950

The Harrison Hotel

The Harrison Hotel 1945

Looking at Jefferson Mills from Mahaffey Street 1955

The Harrison Hotel 1920

Looking across the square coming down from the courthouse 1956

The McDonald Building

North side of the square in Jefferson 1954

Jefferson Square demolition in 1962.

The Jefferson square in 1911

An early photo of the Jefferson Square

Jefferson Texaco Station in the 50s

The Jefferson square - South side in 1950

The Jefferson Texaco Station in 1955

Downtown Jefferson in the early 1900s

Jefferson, Georgia ~ Washington Street looking North

The White Store 1948

Jefferson ~ Old court house. 1955

Southern view from Martin Institute - 1942

The old courthouse ~ 1960

Martin Institute in 1940.

Jefferson Court house in around 1920.

Tearing up the old square in 1958.

A more modern view of the square in around 2008.

Memorial Park swimming pool in 1955.

View of Jefferson in around 1950.

Early 50's view of Jefferson.

Downtown Jefferson, Georgia in 1908 - My Grandmother , Ms. Emma Bennett was 15 years old and the sinking of the Titanic was four years away. You can see the courthouse steeple in the distance.