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The 1949 - 50 school year saw the Jefferson football team become the Dragons.  They won their first football game ever, and was on their way to developing the Jefferson tradition that would become synonomous with winning athletic teams in the 50s.

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Jefferson High School in 1950.

The Jefferson Board of Education: Left to Right; Mr. M. T. Mobley, Mr. J. M. Melvin, Mr. M. M. Bryan, Jr., Mr. C. H. Legg, and Mr. W. T. Bryan.

Mr. Morris M. Bryan, Sr. passed away in 1948. His son Morris Bryan, Jr. would assume leadership of the Jefferson Board of Education.

Ms. Cathryn Mobley: Business Administration Instructor.

Mr. J. L. McMullan; Agriculture Teacher.

Mrs. B. W. McFall; Homemaking Instructor.

Ms. Rosalind Shepherd: History Teacher.

Jefferson Elementary School Staff. Standing ~ Left to Right; Miss Frances Roberts, Mrs. H. E. Aderholt, Mrs. Clyde Boggs, Mrs. James Early, Miss Annie Roberts, Mrs. A. W. Ash. Seated ~ Left to Right; Mrs, E, C. Miller, Mrs. Dud Moose, Miss Charlotte Lyle, Mrs. M. O. Morton, Mrs. Hilda Tonge, Mrs. G. A, Spratlin, Mrs. R. L. Turner, Miss Frances Smith, Mrs. J. D. Matheson and Miss Irene Rankin.

Jane Duke and Curtis Segars.

Virginia Payne and Curtis Segars.

Clara Maddox and Carrol Dadisman.

Jan Anderson and Curtis Segars.

Martha Pem Fite.

1950 Senior Class Officers at Jefferson High School: Left to Right; Jane Duke - Treasurer, Virginia Payne - President, Joan Redd - Secretary, and Peggy Payne - Vice-President.

Seated - Playing; Clozelle Wright. Standing Left to Right ~ Henry Allen, Mary Massey, Harry Bryan and Joan Redd.

Joan Redd.

Henry Allen.

Mary Massey.

Harry Bryan.

Future Farmers of America in 1950 at Jefferson High School: First Row ~ Left to Right; Norris Davis, Darrell Finch, Lynn Wood, Buddy Phillips, James Smith, Jack Holder, Johnny Lancaster, Garnette Parks, Howard Nix, H. O. Parks, Quilian Garrison, Bobby Sailors, Clelle Kinney and Charles Finch. Second Row ~ Left to right; Jack Curruth, Donald Cole, Milton Archer, Thomas Highfield, Travis Hale, Jimmy Sailors, Jimmy McMullan, Douglas Simmons, Jerome Fleeman, Louis Gooch, William Legg, Billy Legg ( Reporter ), Early Swann ( President ), and Dwight Howard. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Howard Smallwood, Clyde Martin, Billy Nash, Theo Elrod, Gilbert Weir, Locke Potts ( Secretary ), Robin Self, Jimmy Moore, Billy Taylor and Jack Legg. Fourth Row ~ Left to Right; Ralph Daniel, Billy Joe Self, Jimmy Fields, Dean Hammonds, Harris Hanson and Hoyt Garrett. Fifth Rwo ~ Left to Right; Joseph Cody, Ned Barryman ( Treasurer ), Charles Dowdy and Varnell Parker. Sixth Row ~ Left to Right; Luther Wilkes, Charles Jennings, Fred Curruth, Howard Shields and Billy Finch ( Vice President ).

1950 Eight Grade Officers were; Left to right; Jerry Copas - Vice President, Donald Cole - President, Caroline Storey - Treasurer, and Terrell Benton, Jr. - Secretary.

First Row ~ Left to Right; James Love, Douglas Simmons, Pam Cutts, Peggy Patton, Shirley Morgan, Edna Aaron, Jane Lynn, Billy Wilbanks and Lewis Gooch. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Ralph Nix, ddith Lullis, Shirley Wood, Rosella Clark, Prince Watkins, Annette Odums, Louise Gee, Virginia Stepp, Betty Jo Tatum and Billy Bone. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Jimmy Fields, Bobby Davis, Vader Giles, Peggy Fulcher, Patsy Fleeman, Edgar Craig, Marion Sikes and Lester Toney.

1950 Eight grade at Jefferson High School. Front Row - Left to Right; Betty Long, Melizie, Self, Joyce Ann Williamson, Shirley McClure, Helen Williamson, Jerry Maddox, Jessie McRee, Alice Taylor and Sarah Casper. Second Row - Left to Right; Charlotte Ray, Martha Adams, Betty Wood, Jerome Fleeman, Jimmy McMullan, Carolyn Shirley, Shirley Harris, Alma Parks and Claire Elrod. Third Row - Left to Right; Terrell Benton, Jr., Billy Taylor, Locke Potts, Eugene Reynolds, Donald Cole, Bobby Phillips, Monroe Bennett, Varnell parker and Gerald Brookshire.

First Row ! Left to Right; John Bell, Carolyn Weir, Katherine Standridge, Bobby Jean Dodd, Gwendolyn Jones, Joyce Lord, Johnnie Martin and Henry Colvard, Jr. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Charles Whitlock, Bobby Nash, Margaret Crowe, Geneva Stepp, Grace Porter, Shirley Simmons, Sue Gibson, Charles Davis and Felton Adams. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Betty Ewing, Janet Brewer, Helen Rainwater, Marvin Hall, Ralph Daniel, Billy Spratlin, Jean Venable, Jackie Marlow and Jerry Copas.

Jefferson Music Club ~ First Row ~ Left to Right; Margaret Hancock, Richard Duke, Johnny Melvin, Jane Melvin, Lynda Meade, Ann Dadisman. Jackie Brooks, Dorothy Nell Harris, Roger Bullock and Marie Cody. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Nell Tolbert, Lou Ann Wilson, Carolyn Weir, Jean Griffith, Billy Ann Hogan, Shirley Harris, Shirley Shaw, Jackie Marlow, Mary Cody, Jere Alice Wilson and Jerry Copas. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Mrs. Gasaway, Yvonne Williamson, Roberta Crumley, Mary Ann Venable, Doris Allen, Mary George McCain, Joyce Venable, Martha Pem Fite, Mary Frances Gilbert, Minnie Sue Brooks, Jimmy Vandiver, Jane Staton, Clozelle Wright and Shirley Deaton.

Coach Frank Snyder reading about his Dragons.

The 1949 Jefferson Red Dragons ~ First Row ~ Left to Right; Billy Crenshaw, Bobby Loggins, Henry Allen, L. G. Jackson, Joe Glosson, Garnett Parks, Earl Carithers, Billy Thurmond and Donald Cole. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Mac Elder, Hugh Blackstock, Sidney Johnson, Carlisle Ray, Louie Turner, Dickie Copas, Nelson Tolbert, John Anderson, Davis Roberts and Charles Tolbert. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Coach Snyder, Roland Brooks, Junior Gee, Raymond Adams, George Davis, Tommy Manus, Charlie Barrett, Carrol Dadisman, Billy Sailors and Curtis Segars. Managers are Thomas Blackstock and Locke Potts.

Quarterback Billy Sailers of the 1950 undefeated regular season ( 9 -0 - 1 ) Jefferson Dragons.

Winning post football season honors were Garnett Parks, Curtis Segars and Joe Glosson.

The 1949 - 1950 Jefferson Dragonettes: First Row ~ Left to Right; Clara Maddox, Jan Anderson, Jane Duke, Emmagene Fleeman, Joyce Canup and Jenelle Adams. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Sara Barnett, Gail Silman, Nell Tolbert, Coach Snyder, Doris Segars, Merle Satterfield and Geraldine Davis.

The 1949- 50 Jefferson High School Dragons. First Row ~ Left to Right; Louis Toney, Curtis Segars, Harry Bryan, Billy Sailors and Dickie Copas. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Coach Snyder, Sidney Johnson, Thomas Blackstock, Charlie Barrett, Raymond Adams and Carrol Dadisman.

Halfback Curtis Segars was the second leading scorer in the state of Georgia in 1950 behind Commerce's Gene Baird. He is ranked by as the seventh all time BEST football player to ever play at Jefferson High School. He was ranked as the number three all-time player in the 50s and 60s.

Here's a good photo. It's the 1996 Mud Turtle Reunion - The First Jefferson High School Football team (1947) held a 50 year reunion in 1996. Pictured above are (kneeling) Lloyd Craven, CURTIS SEGARS. Front Row L-R; James Faulkner, C.L. Potts, Bobby Loggins, Roy Smith, Joe Glosson, Raymond Adams, L.G. Jackson. Back Row L-R; Wylie McEver, Harry Bryan, Tom Meade, BILLY SAILORS, Carrol Dadisman, James Medlin, Claudius Thurmond and Junior Lloyd.