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On Sunday, September 2 at Jefferson Lanes a Bowl-off was held with 24 bowlers competing for prize money.  First place would receive $ 75.00, second place $50.00 and third place $ 25.00.   Bowlers entered were; Bill Sanders, J. R. Griffeth, G. T. Kesler,  Gary Duke, John Kesler, Byrd Bruce, George Ushery, Ben Thorn, Bill Brown, Pauline Thorn, Gene Patrick, Talmadge Perry, Clara Amos,  Marion Jarrett, Ham Riddle, Carl Townes, Jack Davidson, Norman Coorsey and A. G. Mitchell.

Laughing ~  The Wonder Who?   

L - R; Posy Storey, Rita Archer, Brenda Ricks, Ellen Hall, Brenda Samples, Susan Ethridge, Janette Nalley, Lollie Ann Huff.

Cheerleader Captain - Brenda Samples.

Coach John Davis.

1962 - Artist's drawing of the new Jefferson Stadium.

1961 Jefferson Dragons. First Row - L - R; Terry Marlow, Roger Stover, Harold Bone, Billy Curruth, Jerry Fletcher, Jerry Waddell, Don Tompkins, Damon Gause. Second Row - L - R; Damon West, John Parks, Roger Jackson, Thomas Bond, Jack Wilson, Jerry Sailors, Larry Cooper, Rod Johnson, Kesler Perry. Third Row - L - R; Buck Tolbert, Richard Gearin, Bob Gilbert, Jerry Gearin, John Davis, Larry Benton, Tommy Riddle, Brian Duke, Jimmy Benson.

Roger Love of Commerce brings down Larry Benton of Jefferson.

Brian Duke brings down Commerce running back Roger Love.

John Parks prepares for another day of practice.

All Jefferson Home football games were played in Commerce in 1961 as the new Memorial Stadium was under construction.

Damon Gause. Guard and Fullback.

Commerce-Jefferson football action. Damon West moves in for a tackle.

Larry Benton. Halfback.

Don Tompkins - Fullback.

Jerry Waddell - Tackle.

Brian Duke - Quarterback.

Billy Curruth. End.

Don Tompkins and Damon Gause.

Ourstanding Player Awards of 1961. L - R; Bill New Most Valuable Player Award, Best Back, Best Spirit and Desire Awards - Don Tompkins; Best Blocker Award, Roger Jackson; Best Lineman and Best Defensive Player, Damon Gause; Most Improved B-Team Player, Jerry Love.

Basketball Cheerleaders. L - R; Beverly Dalton, Brenda Ricks, Sara Massey. Second Row - L - R; Guy Dean Parks, Virginia Voyles, Jane Blackstock. Third Row - L - R; Emily Berryman, Judy Nash, Marsha Stringer.

Dragonettes Captains Ann Melvin and Brenda Samples with Coach Gee.

Cheerleaders yell for the Dragons.

First Row - L- R; Vicki Ray, Julia Stovall, Julie McEver, Jan Burnett, Saralyn Foster. Second Row - L - R; Posy Storey, Ellen Hall, Sandra McNeal, Joyce Beatty, Linda Evans, Janette Nally, Judy Whelchel. Third Row - L - R; Ann Melvin, Martha Pinion, Suzanne Moore, Claire Colombo, Susan Ethridge, Brenda Samples.

Captain Brian Duke with Coach Martis Robinson.

1961- 62 Jefferson Dragons - First Row: L - R; Brian Duke, Larry Hutchins, Kesler Perry, Dan Hardy. Second Row - L - R; Mike Welborn, Jack Wilson, Gene Dubnik, Cecil Buffington, John Ellington, Don. Tompkins, Rod Johnson.

1961 - 62 Girls and Boys Basketball Schedule.

Duke scorers two as Perry and Wilson look on.

Cecil Buffington scores two for the Dragons.

Jack Wilson scores for Jefferson.