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Inarguably, the best class that ever graduated from your high school was your class. All of us from the Jefferson High School Class of ‘64 understandably believe that to be truth. We might not have accomplished earthshaking achievements along our way, but we did achieve good citizen status.

We had some outstanding teachers that stood out as role models. Who can ever forget Mrs. Ash, Miss Rankin, Miss Blackstock, Mrs. Turner, Mr. Holliman, Coach Davis and numerous others that set us on the right path and kept us on that path to becoming future positive contributors to our city, state and country.

I personally do not feel enough is done to honor those people that blazed the way for the City of Jefferson and Jefferson High School to become the cultural success they are today. There should be an active Hall of Fame in the city with adequate publicity and direction that place both past accomplishments and current emphasis constantly before the general public. There are many lessons from the past that can provide agendas and road maps for the future. Jefferson has done a lot of things right over the last 50 or so years.  The city has a knowledge that should never be lost.

We are no longer the small town that many of us grew up in during the 50s and the 60s. Time marches on. It cannot and must never stand still. But we must always remember that the lessons from the past create the textbooks of the future. Progress is always moving forward, but taking a look back at incremental progress can never hurt.

This 1964 presentation is somewhat long in that it was my graduating class at Jefferson High School. I wanted to cover it thoroughly as a tribute to the Class of ‘64. I hope I have done that! 

Best wishes always to the Jefferson High School Class of 1964.

Cecil Buffington

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Front Row ~ Left to Eight; J. Marlow, J. McEver, B. Roberts, M. Bryan, K. Ray, J. Stovall. Second Row ~ Left to Right; S. Thorne, K. Bryan, J. Moore, A. Parks, V. Ray, M. Underwood, S. Blackstock, G. Brooks. Third Row ~ Left to Right; S. Massey, C. Frix, J. Beatty, P. Daves, V. Pardue, G. Evans, J. Bridges, N. Payne, G. Spence. Fourth Row ~ Left to Right; T. Purcell, D. McEver, B. McCreery, N. Thomas, J. Shaw, D. Watson, J. Cole, V. Martin, D. Gurley. Fifth Row ~ Left to Right; P. McCreery, V. Murphy, P. Head, T. Waller.

Jefferson High School Marching Band of 1963 - 64.

1964 Majorettes ~ Left to Right; Joyce Beatty, Judy Marlow, Sandra Blackstock and Mildred Bryan.

Cheering on the Dragons~ Left to Right; Guy Dean Parks, Susan Ethridge and Mary McElhannon.

Basketball Cheerleaders ~ Front Row ~ Left to Right; Merita Benson, Mildred Stringer, Sara Massey, Beth Lavendar. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Judy Hawkins, Mary McElhannon, Claire Adams and Judy White.

Basketball Cheerleading Captains: Sara Massey and Mildred Stringer.

1963 Dragons ~ Front Row ~Right; L. Stewart, D. Foster, J. Parks, D. West, B. Duke, B. Tolbert, T. Cotton, T. Bond, H. Sauls, B. Ray. Second Row ~ Left to Right; D. Beatty, J. Stovall, G. Foster, T. Nabors, R. Johnson, W. Storey, D. Glenn, G. Kesler, D. Hancock, S. Pethel. Third Row ~ Left to Right; Manager Tommy Riddle, T. Marlow, J. Davis, G, Brooks, J. Elrod, J. Gearin, E. Tompkins, S. Wilson, J. C. McEver, B. Martin, C. Hooper, E. Watson, Manager R. Gearin. Not pictured C. Buffington.

Alternate Captain Earle Tompkins, Coach Charles White, Coach John W. Davis, Coach Paul Knight and Captain Damon West.

Front Row ~ Left to Right; Sandra Blackstock, Joyce Beatty, Ann Fort, Judy Marlow. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Shirley Underwood, Jan Burnett, Claire Colombo, Kathie Ray, Susan Ethridge, Eileen Byran, Carolyn Samples, Becky Sauls. Manager Linda Perry. Not Pictured Saralyn Hutchins.

Co-Captain Joyce Beatty, Coach Arthur and Captain Ann Fort.

Cecil Buffington scores over good friend, Jerry Edison of Jackson County in 1964.

1963 - 64 Basketball Dragons. First Row ~ Right; Eddie Watson, John Ellington, Gary Brooks, Al Westmoreland. Second Row ~ Left to Right; Paul Bloodworth, Billy Mitchell, Larry Joe Wood, Jack Wilson and Walton Halski. Not Pictured Cecil Buffington.

Cecil Buffington ~ 1964 State Class B Pole-Vault champion for Jefferson High school.

Jack Wilson wins the tap for the Dragons.

Coach Brooks with Captains Gary Brooks and Cecil Buffington.

Cross Country Team. First Row ~ Left to Right; Coach Stoudenmire, Richard Gearin, David McEver, Harold Mauldin. Second Row ~ to Right; Jerry Gearin, Hal Stockton, Ronnie Johnson and James Ewing.

1964 Dragon Baseball team. First Row ~ Right; Rod Johnson, Rchard Gearin, Johnny Beatty, Joe Turnell, Bob Gilbert, E. Watson, Howard Sauls. Second Row ~ Left to Right; John Davis, Mike Tate, Damon West, Gary Brooks, Jack Wilson, Cecil Buffington and Coach Charles White.

Jefferson Class of '64 at 1990 reunion - Row 1 - Left to Right - Harold Mauldin, Terry Cotton, Jerry Gearin, Bill Stringer, Peggy Strickland Usry, Row 2 - Left to Right - Saralyn Foster Robinson, Posy Storey Henson, Dell Keike Tate, Martha Anglin Burns, Gloria Spence Henderson, Mary Ann Johnston Barnwell, Joyce Beatty Wells, Row 3 - Left to Right - Guy Dean Parks Benson, Jackie Spencer Braswell, Barbara Jo Nash, Pat Beatty, Neda Stringer Biggs, Betty Edwards Miller, Julia McEver Kirksey, Ruth Pharris Airlie, Row 4 - Left to Right - Danny Glenn, Sara Massey Hensley, Susan Etheridge Chaission, Pat Head, Johnny Pethel, Terry Marlowe, Brenda Fay Clark Tanner, Back Row - Left to Right - Tommy George, Cecil Buffington, Charles Crowe, Thomas Bond, Tommy Riddle, and Dennis Elrod.

Gynastics Team. First Row ~ Left to Right; E. McEver, T. Jones, D. Beatty, J. Clark, Coach Stoudenmire. Second Row ~ Left to Right; T. Beatty, D. McEver, Gene Thurmond. Third Row ~ Left to Right; J. C. McEver, J. Ewing, Not Pictured ~ E. Roberson, E. Pass, C. Pittman, D. Martin, B. Duke, D. Burnett and T. Love.

1962 Prom Servers ~ LR Front; Vicki Ray, Joyce Beatty, Sara Massey, Neda Stringer, Posy Storey ~ Back LR; Claire Columbo, Susan Ethridge, Vennell Standridge, Gloria Spence, Julia Stovall.

Jefferson High School Class of 1964 ~ 2004 reunion - Bottom Row - Left to Right - Danny Glenn, Betty Edwards Miller, Neda Stringer Biggs, Marie Standridge Casper, Dennis Elrod, 2nd Row - Left to Right - Posey Storey Henson, Julia Stovall Howard, Vickie Ray Dunn, Jackie Spencer Braswell, Gloria Spence Henderson, Guy Dean Parks Benson, Dell Keike Tate, Terry Marlow, Back Row - Left to Right - Dan Cagle, Barbara Colvard Davis, Thomas Bond, Susan Ethridge Chaisson, Terry Cotton, Cecil Buffington, Tommy Riddle, Pat Head, Tommy George, Danny Wilson, and Charles Crowe.

The Class of 1964 in 1955. Third Grade. Ms. Roberts room. Names will be completed at a later date. First Row - L-R; Unknown, Unknown, Laura Amos, Johnnie Ruth Pharris, Charles Crow, Bobby Nix, Hubert Crumbly, Harold Mauldin, Posy Storey, Billy Bonds. Second Row - L-R; Carol Duke, Pat Head, Vicki Ray, Unknown, Peggy Strickland, Unknown, Buck Tolbert, Julia Stovall, Unknown, Martha Anglin. Third Row - L-R: Barbara Colvard, Unknown, Unknown, John Parks, Thomas Bond, John Davis, Winford Savage, John Bryan, Janet Mize. Back Row - L-R; Susan Ethridge, Ann Hollis, Chip Hardy, Betty McClure, Danny Glenn, Jack Wilson, Unknown, Gloria Spence.

Best wishes to all my former classmates from 1964. It was a good class with great kids and fabulous teachers.

Mr. Pat Head. Cobb County District Attorney and a Class of '64 graduate.

Left middle page of the 2012 Jefferson Dragons Media Program introduced at the 50th Memorial Stadium Tribute on September 7 in Jefferson.

Right middle page of the 2012 Jefferson Dragons Media Program introduced at the 50th Memorial Stadium Tribute on September 7 in Jefferson.

Pat Head pulls out the ol' "rabbit ears" trick on '64 classmate Cecil Buffington.

Cecil Buffington and 1964 classmate Doris Scott at Jefferson Memorial Stadium Tribute on September 7, 2012.

Cecil Buffington and 1964 classmate Gary Brooks at Jefferson Memorial Stadium Tribute on September 7, 2012.

Cecil Buffington and 1964 classmate Earle Tompkins at Jefferson Memorial Stadium Tribute on September 7, 2012.

Former Jefferson High school Basketball Coach Paul Knight in 2013. 49 years later!

50th Stadium anniversary honorees line up along sideline at Memorial stadium on September 7, 2012.

Guy Dean Benson and Cecil Buffington at the 2017 Smithsonian Exibit at the Jefferson Arena.

The Class of 1964 in 1952 - Mrs. Miller's class. First Grade. 1st row: left to right ~ Charles Crow, Unknown, third boy Jack Wilson, fourth boy ~ Hubert Crumbly,fifth boy David Skelton, sixth boy Jimmy Williams, Seventh boy Bobby Van Griffin, eight boy Wayne ?, nineth boy Howard ? ~ Wayne's brother. Second row: left to right ~ Jimmy Bond, Betty Edwards, Unknown, Neda Stringer, Unknown, Cecil Buffington, Susan Ethridge, Sara Massey, Back row: Left to right ~ Jackie Spencer, Evelyn Davis, Jennette Nalley, Unknown, Unknown, sixth girl Dianne Campbell, Unknown, last girl - Barbara May McDougle.

At the Smithsonian Exhibit opening on January 17, 2017 at the Jefferson Arena. L-R - Howard Sauls, Chris Beck, Don Cole and Cecil Buffington.

Cecil Buffington ~ Still able to button up my old high school basketball letterman's sweater in 2017 at age 71. This sweater was donated to the Jefferson Foundation in February of 2017.

Cecil Buffington ~ Still able to button up my old high school football letterman's jacket in 2017 at age 71.

Ms. Martha Jo Blackstock at her 100th birthday party at the Jefferson cafeteria om February 11, 2018. Her birthday is on January 30.