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Oklahoma 13, Colorado 6. The Sooners were in the second year of their record 47 game winning streak, and although the Buffaloes were a very good (7-2-1) team themselves that year, even in the friendly confines of Boulder they were no match for Wilkinson's tsunami of terrible tearaway jerseys.

Florida 13, Georgia Tech 12. A mediocre Florida team coming onto a field where the Techmen lost only four times in six years, and you have to mark it up in the "W" column. But that didn't account for an inspired Gator defense, or two missed extra points that brought the Jackets down to defeat.

Georgia Tech 42, West Virginia 19. The Yellow Jackets were in the middle of Bobby Dodd's prime years, with an incredible six straight bowl wins between 1951 and 1956---an era with only five bowls of any consequence. And on this day the Mountaineers of West Virginia would have been better off staying at home and trading rifle shots with the Moonshine Police, for all the success they had with the Rambling Wrecks.

Oklahoma 7, Maryland 0. In a matchup between Bud Wilkinson and the man who had preceded him as the Oklahoma head coach, Bud Wilkinson's Sooners parlayed a lone second quarter touchdown and a ferocious defense into a stunning upset of Jim Tatum's #1 ranked Maryland Terrapins. The Oklahomans would keep on winning for another 38 games, including a repeat performance against Maryland in another Orange Bowl two years later.

Rice 28, Alabama 6. In one of the great moments of Cotton Bowl history, the Owls' Dickie Moegle was on his way to a 95-yard touchdown gallop when he was brought down on a jarring tackle by the Tide's Tommy Lewis. The only problem was that when the play began, Lewis had been sitting on the Alabama bench! Lewis's explanation was as eloquent as it gets: He simply said, "I'm just too full of Bama." Two nights later Lewis appeared with Moegle on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the Texas Legislature made him an honorary citizen, on the unarguable grounds that "Anybody that's got that much spirit deserves to be a Texan."

Texas 22, Texas A&M 13. This was the first of Bear Bryant's famous "Junction Boys" teams, but at this point they were no match for Ed Price's Longhorns, who had only lost one game to the Aggies since 1939.

Navy 21, Mississippi 0. Going into this widely anticipated New Year's matchup, the Rebels boasted the nation's #1-ranked defense, but even that couldn't hold back the Middies, who played their best game of the season in handing Ole Miss only its second setback of the year.

Oklahoma 20, Texas 0. This was the fourth straight walloping that Bud's boys gave to the hapless Longhorns, and it was their 22nd of 47 straight wins overall. There has never been another team like it in the entire history of college football.

Florida 28, Georgia 0. This was one of those years where all the football talent in Georgia seemed to have migrated over to Atlanta. The Bulldogs were never in the game.

Georgia Tech 28, Florida 0. The Florida program illustrator might have had his fantasies, but there was little doubt this day as to just who was in control. Still riding the crest of the great Bobby Dodd years, the #4 ranked Yellow Jackets had little trouble making the Gators eat that Jacksonville chalk, as they rolled on to a 10-1 season and another Gator Bowl win over Pitt.

Georgia Tech 7, Pittsburgh 0. Faced with the prospect of an African American halfback (Bobby Grier) on the Pittsburgh roster, Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin called upon Tech to withdraw from the game. When he announced this to the press, the Georgia Tech student body rose up in revolt, and the Board of Regents turned down Griffin's demand. The game itself, rather ironically, turned on an early pass interference call against Grier, which set up the only score of the afternoon. The call was questionable, to say the least, but after the game Grier had nothing but praise for the sportsmanship of the Tech players and the Sugar Bowl crowd in New Orleans. This Sugar Bowl marked one of the small but significant steps that helped to take the South out of the dark ages.

Michigan State 9, Michigan 0. Both the Wolverines and the Spartans chased Big Ten champ Iowa all year, but while the East Lansing men took this one from their in-state rivals, the Wolverines were able to hand Iowa its only loss of the year, and then followed that up by a convincing 19-0 win in Columbus against the hated Buckeyes.

Oklahoma 20, Maryland 6. It was a sad case of deja vu all over again for another fine Maryland team. Just two years ago, the # 1 ranked Terps took their act down to Miami for an Orange Bowl date with Bud Wilkinson's Sooners and came out of it with a 7-0 loss. With that in mind, how was a mere unbeaten # 3 team ever going to be a match for an Oklahoma eleven that hadn't lost a game since 1953? And as it turned out, the 21-7 score was deceptively close, as the Terps were never in the game.

Florida 22, Georgia 0. Not much of a year for the Dawgs, and when you're not going so good, a trip to "The Swamp" isn't likely to lift your spirits.

Baylor 7, Texas 7. The Longhorns were stepping out of the 1 and 9 muck of the 1956 season under new coach Darrell Royal, but they still found the occasional pebble in their boots. A Bear-sized pebble in this case, though they managed to salvage a tie.

Oklahoma 21, Texas 7. This was the sixth straight shellacking that the Sooners had given to the Texas Longhorns, but the Lone Star boys were in good company, as Bud Wilkinson's eleven had been dealing out similar punishments to every team they'd faced for the past four years. This one extended their streak to 43 games, going back to the third game of 1953.

Twenty-Three years after starring on an Alabama eleven that coach Frank Howard called "my greatest team," Paul "Bear" Bryant returned to Tuscaloosa to restore glory to the once proud Crimson Tide program. And did he ever. Fresh from similar resurrection jobs at Kentucky and Texas A&M, Bryant took over a team that had won a grand total of four games in the previous three years, and from that point it was lights out. First year: The first winning record since 1953. Second year: the first win over Auburn, and the first bowl appearance, in six years. By the fourth year the National Championship banner flew once again over the Alabama campus. This picture of the "Bear" was on the press guide handed out to reporters at the start of the season, and was his first appearance on the cover of any University of Alabama publication. There would be many more of these to come.

Florida 7, Georgia 6. The Dawgs pushed the Gators all over Jacksonville all afternoon, but a late 75-yard touchdown run by Florida's quarterback, Jimmy Dunn and a botched Georgia extra point made it all for naught.

Mississippi 30, Texas 7. Darrell Royal stepped into the Austin hot seat, and brought the Horns up from a pitiful 1-9 season all the way to a berth in the Sugar Bowl. At that point, however, the going got a bit rough.

Oklahoma 48, Duke 21. Between 1954 and 1959, the Orange Bowl was like a second home for Bud Wilkinson's tear-away jerseyed eleven. Four games, four wins. And this one wasn't even close, as the Sooners dominated the hapless Duke Blue Devils from start to finish.

Army 13, Air Force 13. This was the first matchup of the two service academies, and in came in only the second year that the Falcons were able to have any Seniors on their squad. Fittingly enough, the game was played in Yankee Stadium, and ended in a deadlock.

Alabama 10, Auburn 0. Phil Neel was perhaps the greatest cover illustrator that college football has ever seen, but sometimes his artistic license got away with him. In this case, someone forgot to inform him that elephants are bigger than tigers. And that goes for red elephants, too, as Aubie and his boys found out to their dismay on Legion Field, as The Bear won his first of many games against Bama's cousins from down the road.

Maryland 28, Clemson 25. The Tiger lit the fuse, but he hadn't heard that the whole batch had been recalled, and the Terrapin lived to tell the tale.

Georgia 21, Florida 10. In 1958 a botched extra point made the Jawja Dawgs into Droopy Dawgs, but 1959 was another story altogether. Wally Butts' boys then went on to beat Auburn and Tech, and finished up a fine 10-1 season by pasting Missouri in the Orange Bowl.

LSU 9, Florida 0. That cover tribute to the Beatniks undoubtedly amused the Florida fans, but by the end of the day it was the Tigers who were doing most of the laughing. Once again the mighty Chinese Bandits showed what they were made of, and the Gators never got within a mile of the end zone.

LSU 7, Clemson 0. When Tigers meet Tigers on the gridiron, you know it's going to be no fun for the grass and the ants, and this game was no exception. Paul Dietzel's LSU eleven was #1 in the country on the strength of a 10 and 0 regular season, but it took every ounce of strength for them to hold off Frank Howard's outmanned but fighting squad. So near and yet so far.

Tennessee 29, North carolina 7. The Vols' 1959 squad was nothing particularly special, but if they could've bottled the stuff they used against North Carolina on this afternoon, they might have been playing in January instead of just watching the bowls on TV.

Penn State 7, Alabama 0. Well, the Bear had to start somewhere. This was Coach Bryant's first Bama bowl game, and over 36,000 fans showed up on a brutal day in Philadelphia. Since the City of Brotherly Love is nearly as far in travel time from State College as it is from Tuscaloosa, it was further proof that both the Tide and the Nittany Lions have some of college football's most insanely devoted fans. But you knew that.

Clemson 27, South Carolina 0. For 63 years the Tigers and the Gamecocks had met on a Thursday in Columbia, but this was to be the final game in that storied tradition. And knowing that in 1960 the rivalry would be moving to Clemson, the Tigers gave the Gamecocks a taste of things to come.

Texas 19, Oklahoma 12. This was only the Sooners' second loss to the Longhorns since 1951, and that lone point was all that separated them from yet another perfect season. They finished off their campaign by crushing Jim Brown's Syracuse Orangemen in the Orange Bowl for a sparkling 10 and 1 record.

Alabama 21, Georgia 6. The Georgia Bulldogs stepped onto Legion Field as the reigning SEC and Orange Bowl champions, but that was so yesterday. By the end of the afternoon, the Tide had set the tone for the new decade, one which saw Bear's boys roll to three national championships, four SEC titles, a combined 90-16-4 record, and a bowl appearance every year. Not bad for a bunch of country boys.