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Clemson 12, South Carolina 2. After 63 years of a rivalry that was confined to one home field---South Carolina's---in 1960 the Gamecocks had to take their act to Death Valley. They promptly discovered the reason for the name.

Clemson 13, Virginia Tech 7. And the fatter the better.

Georgia 14, Missouri 0. Only a one game lapse against the South Carolina Gamecocks prevented Wally Butts's boys from running the table, as the Bulldogs completed their best season since 1946.

Georgia Tech 14, Tennessee 7. What those great John Chase program covers lacked in subtlety, they sure made up for in all other ways.

Georgia 18, Vanderbilt 7. A neat cartoon cover, and the Dawgs won the game, too.

Maryland 24, Clemson 21. With a rather humbling side dish of pancake batter.

Clemson 20, North Carolina State 0. Was in that giant stewpot, as the Tigers finished off the Pack's season with a touch of paprika and a big dose of skunk.

Wake Forest 17, Clemson 13. We warned Frank about those cheesy Chinese noisemakers when he tried to send the Terps to the moon with one of them back in '59, but noooo, he wouldn't listen. Maybe after this game he will.

LSU 23, Florida 0. Great cover for any Gator fan. Fortunately the score hasn't been written on it.

Ohio State 50, Michigan 20. The Wolverines had a passable 6-3 record that year, but the Buckeyes were the #2 team in the nation, and on a roll. No stopping them on this day in Ann Arbor.

Texas 28, Oklahoma 7. And you bides your time. This was amidst the longest run of success in Longhorns' history.

Alabama 10, Arkansas 3. This may not have been Bear Bryant's best National Championship team ever, but it certainly was the most dominant. Eleven games, eleven wins, six shutouts, and a 297 to 25 combined score. Arkansas was a fine team in its own right, but nobody was beating Bama in '61---and not on New Year's Day 1962, either.

Florida State 14, Auburn 14. Cliff Hare and Jordan-Hare Stadiums have always been among the toughest fields in the SEC for visiting teams, but this day a not-yet big time Seminole squad fought tooth and nail against a tough pride of Tigers and managed to crawl their way out of Aubie's stomach.

Duke 16, Clemson 0. In the 1962-63 academic year the nationally #10 ranked Duke Blue Devils became the only team in ACC history to sweep their conference schedules in both football and basketball. The Tigers were but one of their many victims.

Clemson 20, South Carolina 17. Neither team was all that much in 1962, as Duke swept the ACC both in football and basketball. But if there was one game that the Tigers were pointing to, it was this one, and with this three point win they were able to sleep well over the Winter.

Georgia Tech 7, Alabama 6. Bear Bryant's Crimson Tide was the biggest force in college football at the time of this game, and they were on a 26 game run with 25 wins and a tie. But they left Grant Field that day with a fanny full of stingers, in what was Georgia Tech's finest moment of the 60's.

Texas 9, Oklahoma 6. The Sooners peeled off seven straight wins immediately following this game and wound up in the Orange Bowl, but those three point still stuck in the old craw.

Army 14, Air Force 10. This was the first matchup of the two service academies, and in came in only the second year that the Falcons were able to have any Seniors on their squad.

Auburn 21, Florida State 15. About all you can say about this one was it was a close game.

Nebraska 29, Oklahoma 20. The date was November 23rd, 1963, just one day after the Kennedy assassination. Few were in the mood for celebration that afternoon, but somehow the game went on, and the Cornhuskers won, denying the Sooners a shot at the Orange Bowl. Which was probably not at the top of their minds as they rode back to Norman.

Texas 38, Oklahoma 7. Only once-beaten Nebraska and the National Champion Longhorns could stop the Sooners this year, as Bud Wilkinson finished off his 17 year run in Norman with a 145-29-4 record that included three national championships, six bowl game triumphs in an era where repeat appearances were not allowed, and a modest, yet still not-quite-forgotten 47 game winning streak.

Auburn 3, Tennessee 0. Whatever else Aubie put into that moonshine concoction, it was enough to keep the Vols out of the end zone all afternoon, as the Tigers managed a win on nothing but a field goal.

Georgia Tech 20, Miami 0. The Techmen stormed out of the gate that year with seven straight wins, and it wasn't until November that they were halted. Miami was but one of their many prominent victims.

Clemson 21, North Carolina State 7. The Tigers had remembered to send in their NRA dues that year, and as a result they were once again safe from the clutches of the (not so) Big, Bad Wolfpack.

Michigan 34, Oregon State 7. Only a one point loss to Purdue kept the Wolverines from perfection in 1964, and they celebrated their first Rose Bowl appearance in 14 years with a throughly convincing 34 to 7 beatdown of the Oregon State Beavers. When the dust had cleared, the Maize and Blue were the fourth ranked team in the nation.

The Bulldogs had been mired in mediocrity for the past few seasons, and then along came Vince Dooley, who is shown here on the cover of his "rookie year" press guide. Bouncing back from a season opening loss in Tuscaloosa, the Dawgs swept through the rest of their schedule with a mere two losses, and capped off Dooley's debut with a win over Georgia Tech, followed by a trip to El Paso and a win in the Sun Bowl.

Of course we all know about the Tide's great center / linebacker Paul Crane, who was one of over 100 All-Americans that Alabama has been blessed with over the years. But who's that guy in the wrinkled suit standing behind him? And how'd he get into the picture?

That's QB Preston Ridlehuber you see there with coach Dooley, holding up the MVP trophy that he won for his starring role in the previous year's Sun Bowl triumph over Texas Tech. His 52-yard pass to Fred Barber set up the game's only touchdown in the Bulldogs' 7-0 win.

Clemson 9, Duke 6. After a long run near the top of the college football heap for close to 30 years, the Duke Blue Devils were just beginning their long, painful slide into the dungeon of gridiron misery. And the Death Valley fans were happy to help grease the pole.

Clemson 27, North Carolina 3. No question that the other "Carolina" has had a bit of a hex over the Tigers on the roundball court. But the gridiron has been another story, as this typical Clemson-Heels game will demonstrate.

Clemson 35, South Carolina 10. There should have been one of Dr. Kevorkian's concoctions in that syringe, since after a miserable one win season the Gamecocks were sorely in need of a mercy killing.