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Alabama 14, Penn State 7. With the game on the line in the final moments, the Tide's Barry Krauss tackled Penn State's fullback Mike Guman on fourth down, just six inches short of the goal line, preserving a bitterly fought 14-7 victory in a classic New Year's Day matchup in New Orleans. The win gave Coach Bryant his fifth National Championship since arriving on the Tuscaloosa campus in 1958.

Alabama 25, Auburn 18. Auburn was a tough foe, but in the end the Tide pulled out a narrow win and went to to crush Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl to wrap up a second straight national title.

Whatever was in that spray can, it sure worked that afternoon. This one's strictly for whatever Tennessee friends you may have.

Alabama 24, Arkansas 9. This was the Bear's final perfect season, and many consider that when you factor in the higher level of competition, it was his finest team. Their average score was 32 to 5, and among their wins was a 30-0 walloping of Miami and a convincing season ending win over archrival Auburn. Arkansas was game, but the Razorbacks were no match for the mighty Crimson Tide.

Georgia 44, Tennessee 0. The Dawgs were fresh off their National Championship year, and after the banners had been raised, they picked right up where they'd left off. The Volunteers could only look on in admiration and amazement.

Alabama 31, Penn State 16. The Tide's first visit to the Nittany Lions den prompted this terrific program cover featuring two of the great legends of the college game. But by the end of the game, only the Bear was smiling, as the Tide knocked off a powerful Penn State team en route to the Cotton Bowl.

Clemson 22, Nebraska 15. This 1981 National Championship team is generally considered the greatest of the Tiger elevens, and they certainly made their case for the honor by beating a powerful Nebraska team in the Orange Bowl. At the end of the day Danny Ford's men were the only unbeaten Division I team left in the entire country.

Alabama 40, Mississippi 0. With his picture on the program cover being framed by Alabama's quarterback greats ranging from Dixie Howell to Joe Namath, Walter Lewis fit right in that day, leading the Tide to an easy 40-0 whitewashing of the Rebels of Ole Miss.

Brigham Young 24, Michigan 17. This was one of those years that had oldtimers grousing, as the 6-5 Wolverines somehow managed to lobby their way into a bowl game against the # 1 ranked Cougars of Brigham Young, a matchup that never could have taken place either a few years earlier or a few years later. But nevertheless the Maize and Blue fought the good fight, and nearly pulled off the shocker of the year, falling short by a mere touchdown.

Georgia 24, Auburn 3. After being unexpectedly tied by Rutgers in the second game of the year, the Florida Gators roared through the rest of their schedule without even coming up for air. But when they ran into Vince's boys down in Jacksonville, they were reduced into little more than swamp chum for the pirhana to feast upon. It was the highlight of the Dawgs' season.

Miami 20, Oklahoma 14. You can't win em all. The only loss in an otherwise perfect season.

Auburn 30, Alabama 20. This was the first time that the Tide had invaded the new Jordan-Hare stadium after 41 years in Birmingham, and it wasn't a good day. The Tigers took Bama's ten game winning streak and left it in tatters.

Alabama 13, Auburn 6. Other than a 35-0 squeaker defeat (smile) at the hands of Florida in the second week of the season, the Tide roared through its schedule like Hurricane Katrina. After this Iron Bowl dispatching of Auburn, Gene's boys then finished up with a win over Colorado in the Blockbuster Bowl and a #5 national ranking in both major polls.

Alabama 28, Florida 21. Gene Stallings had many great teams in Tuscaloosa, but this 1993 entry was his best. In this first SEC championship game they beat a very good Florida Gators team for their 22nd straight win, then went on to rout previously unbeaten Miami in the Sugar Bowl and become the unanimously acclaimed national champion.

Michigan 21, Washington State 16. With game MVP Brian Griese leading the way, the Wolverines withstood the final onslaught of Ryan Leaf's PAC-10 champion Cougars and wrapped up a perfect season, plus their first National Championship since 1948.

Oklahoma 13, Florida State 2. After running up nearly 500 points in the regular season, the Sooners stifled the mighty Seminoles all evening in this low scoring Orange Bowl matchup, and walked away with the #1 ranking in all 19 national polls, its first National Championship in 15 years.

Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42. Maybe one of the greatest games ever played, and biggest upsets. The Sooners have won many a championship, but every once in a while they also play the straight man to an improbable human interest story. This was one of those games.