2010 Face Book/JHS/Martin Institue Reunion

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On November 20, at the Jefferson Club House, Garry Glenn and Ceil Jarrett hosted a Face Book/JHS/Martin Institute Reunion.  Some 47 guest's would eventually make an appearance at the event.  All who were able to drop by deemed it a major success while referring to it as a tremendously fun event.

While there may have been other Face Book get-togethers somewhere in the USA, it is believed it was a first for the local area and possibly even the State of Georgia.

Below are photo's that were posted by Cecil Buffington on face Book on November 21. 

If anyone prefers that their picture not appear on the cecilbuffington.com web-site, please notify Cecil Buffington at once.  It will be removed upon request. 


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The Jefferson Club House.

Group session: Kathy Stewart Tompkins, Melanie Jackson Doster, Jack Howington, Jr., Debbie Harbin and Carl Loggins.

The Group: Jack Howington, Jr., Debbie Culpepper, Ceil Jarrett, Phil Rizan, Kay Carnes, Carolyn Harbib, Sandra Fite ( Hands Only ), Bill Elder, Carl Loggins and Debbie Harbin.

Kathy Stewart Tompkins enters the fiasco.

Debbie Mason Williams, Carl Loggins, Ceil Jarrett, Marie Parks, Dewey Johnson and Danny Weir talk it over!

Chris Wilkes, Andy Wilkes, Jon Cone, Keith Robinson, Bobby Garrison and Fred Tolbert .

Bill Elder, Andy and Chris Wilkes visit.

Bill Lolton and Garry Glenn share some thoughts.

Bobby Loggins and Bobby Garrison ( Class of 1951 ) talk about some old times.

Bobby Loggins and Ceil Jarrett .

Carolyn Harbin chats with John Bryan.

The long and the short of the situation. Dianne Burkhalter and Debbie Culpepper. Debbie is the number one rated girls basketball player in Jefferson History by cecilbuffington.com

Fred Tolbert and Guy Dean Benson talk about this and that.

Debbie Mason Williams, Terri Kay Waldo and Denise Shumake Laney pose after a visit to the Memorabilia Table.

Denise Harbin and Ceil Jarrett enjoy a moment of relaxation!

Dewey Johnson and Bobby Loggins carry on a conversation.

Fred Tolbert and Marie Parks. Cousins. Reunite after 35 - 40 years.

Fred Tolbert, Guy Dean Benson and Garry Glenn take a break from reminiscing to have their beauty struck.

Chat City seemed to be just to the right of the food table. Garry Glenn, Andy Wilkes, Chris Wilkes, Jill Glenn, Jon Cone and William Howington in chat group.

The Memorabilia Table visited by Gary Glenn, Wilma McEver, J.C. McEver and Larry Potts

Harold Jarrett and his infectious smile.

Jack Howington, Jr. in the pretzels?

J. C. and Wilma McEver. Ready to reminisce.

Jim Benson listens as Sandra Fite tells him like it is!

A couple of ol' War-horse Jefferson Dragons.. John Bryan and Jim Benson.

Cecil Buffington has that fox in the chicken house smile as Kay Carnes and Debbie Culpepper look on in amusement.

Larry Potts, Dianne Burkehalter and Carolyn Harbin prepare to greet a barrage of old and new friends.

Host Garry Glenn chats with Marie Parks and Hank Brostek.

The Memorabilia Table with annuals, medals and memories of the past.

A collection of photo's from Garry Glenn.