New Downtown Jefferson - Page II


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Continuing the presentation of THE NEW DOWNTOWN JEFFERSON

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Will the new downtown look inspire new Jefferson business?

Former site of the Ideal Dress Shop and Georgia Power in the 60's and 70's.

Frontal view of the Crawford W. Long Museum.

Former site of Ms. Melba Hanson's Ideal Dress Shop back in the 60's - 70's.

The fromer site of the "Slick" Rankin Serv ice Station in the 50's. Dr. Pirkle had an office above the service station during the 50's.

A sporting goods store and Sub-way now occupy the buildings beside the former Rankin Service Station.

The Regions Bank.

Looking up the Gainesville road toward the old courthouse.

Former sites of Robinson Shoe Store and the dime store during the 60's.

Three Jefferson Landmarks of the 50's and 60's. Left to right - Baxter's Store, Robinson's Shoe Store and the Jefferson 5 & 10 on the right occupied two buildings as one store. Now all these building are unoccupied.

The former Joe Baxter Store. A Jefferson landmark that will live forever to those that frequented it during the 50's and 60's.

The former Jefferson Post Office before it moved to the spot just below the old courthouse. Owen Webb later had his sundries store in a section of this building.

THe Crawford W. Long Inn. Bricks were used from the Old Harrison Hotel underpenning for the front bricking.

Jefferson Drugs - A longstanding Jefferson business that originated in the 50's under the ownership of Ralph Ellington.

The Regions bank - The second building on the right was the former site of the old Joy Theater and later became the site of McEver's Sporting Goods.

THe Jackson Herald - The left side of this building was once Western Auto, owned by Mr. John James. The right side of the Herald building is on the former site of the old Y. D. Maddox Frozen Food Processing building. A fire department that housed the Jefferson fire truck was later built on this site with the John Godfrey Texaco Station on the left corner of the Athens road. John Godfrey served as the citizen fire chief for many years during the 50's - 70's.

Former site of the Jefferson fire department and the John Godfrey Texaco Station.

Looking down the Winder road from Marlowe Park.

The former site of Marlowe's Cafe is now a park dedicated to the memory of Buck Marlowe.

A swing in Marlowe Park.

Looking up the Athens road from Marlowe Park

Looking toward the old courthouse from Marlowe Park.

The Jefferson Barbershop has been in this building since the late 50's.

Back view of the old post office below the old court house.

Looking at the new downtown Jefferson from behind the old post office.

The newly renovated old courthouse. The tree's in this photo will soon be taken down. Sad, but the price of progress is sometimes steep.

The sidewalkaround the old courthouse has been ripped up for replacement. Another project in the developement of THE NEW DOWNTOWN JEFFERSON.

This is the monument looking at the north side of Jefferson toward the old courthouse on the left of the photo.

The Memorial Dedication Service in Downtown Jefferson.

On October 1, 2011 ~ A dedication ceremony was held in Jefferson to officially dedicate a statue placement on the marble base for the Jackson County Troops That Served The Confederate States of America momument on the South side of the Jefferson city square. This is looking at the monument toward the south side of downtown Jefferson.

Mural on the Howington Hardware Store as you leave Jefferson on the Commerce Road. A beautiful painting of the Gainesville Midland Steam Engine of the 50's.

The Jefferson Confederate Memorial Statue.

Town Clock - Installed April of 2012

Another view of the town clock

I must admit I was somewhat apprehensive when I first learned of the plans to rip up downtown and completely renovate it. Even after seeing the plans, I wasn't completely sold that tearing up many years of history was the right thing to do. Now after seeing the results, I am most happy with what I see. Hopefully, some of the empty building in downtown Jefferson will eventually become occupied with long time residency. As we move along there will be far more expansion to the bypass. Personally, I think a McDonalds or Chick Filet, or some major chain must go into downtown Jefferson to draw more private business into the city. Think for a moment that the only chain restuarant in the city is a Subway store. Somewhat unbelievable for 2011. We'll see on down the road if the improvement in anesthetics of the city was worth the effort and the money.