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What TV show lost Jim Carrey when he stepped into the movies?

In Living Color.

Who plays a paleontologist on Friends?

David Schwimmer.

What aging pop icon forgot the lyrics to We Can Work It Out on MTV Unplugged?

Paul McCartney.

What segment of the TV industry receives ACE Awards?

Paul McCartney.

What classic quiz show was originally titled Occupation Unknown?

What's My Line?

What 1966 TV show theme by Lalo Schifrin made a comeback in a 1996 blockbuster move?

Mission: Impossible.

What's CNBC short for?

Consumer News and Business Channel.

How many fingers does Homer Simpson have?


What sitcom character moved from a Boston barstool to a Seattle radio station?

Dr. Frasier Crane.

What Saturday Night Live cast member played Kap'n Karl on Pee-wee's Playhouse?

Phil Hartman.

What M*A*S*H principal won Emmys for acting, writing and directing?

Alan Alda.

What cable network drew twice its usual audience for a show called The Wonderful World of Dung?

The Discovery Channel.

What TV host went gold with the CD Romantic Christmas?

John Tesh.


What sitcom spawned the hit song I'll Be There For You?


What MTV twosome are known as "The Bad Boys" in Mexico?

Beavis and Butt head.

What Indianapolis weatherman of the 1970s once forecast hail "the size of canned hams"?

David Letterman.

What kid's show's interracial cast needed riot police protection during a 1969 trip to Mississippi?

Sesame Street's.

What gritty 1990's TV drama series is subtitled Life on the Street?


What entertainer's wedding prompted NBC to order 10,000 tulips from Holland?

Tiny Tim's.

What sitcom helped John Larroquette earn three straight supporting actor Emmy Awards?

Night Court.

Who once observed: "This is America. You can't make a horse testify against himself"?

Mr. Ed.

What Marx Brother's name spelled backwards is the name of a daytime talk show host?


Who began his radio shows with: "Good evening, Mr. ad Mrs. America and all the ships at sea, let's go to press"?

Walter Winchell.

What TV star said of his worldwide fame: "I didn't know I could top Knight Rider"?

David Hasselhoff.

What sitcom was among the top 20 most watched shows every season during its entire run, form 1984 to 1992?

The Cosby Show.

Who inherited Tom Snyder's CNBC talk-show slot in 1995?

Charles Grodin.

What was the fist sitcom to be broadcast from videotape, in 1971?

All in the Family.

What blond bombshell had a hankerin' for NYPD Blue detective Gegory Medavoy?

Donna Abandando.

What animated characters are known as Smolf in Stockholm?

The Smurfs.

What 1980s sitcom was credited with pulling NBC from third to first in overall ratings?

The Cosby Show.

What Muppet advised: "Never eat anything at one sitting that you can't lift"?

Miss Piggy.

What former TV anchorman made headlines by attending two Grateful Dead concerts?

Walter Cronkite.

What animated kitty was the first cartoon character licensed for use on merchandise?

Felix the Cat.

What's the "dimension of imagination, "according to the host of a classic TV series?

The Twilight Zone.

Who appeared in Return of the Killer Tomatoes before he landed a role on ER?

George Clooney.

What 250-pound star of Hairspray shed half her weight to host a TV talk show?

Ricki Lake.

What Mayberry resident once hijacked a bull when he'd had too much to drink?

Otis Campbell.

What four-word TV slogan did Sting add to the Dire Straits hit Money for Nothing?

"I want my MTV".

What Mary Tyler Moore Show character's blue blazer made it into the Smithsonian?

Ted Baxter's.

Who was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers before she became TV's Lois Lane?

Teri Hatcher.

What was Redd Foxx's last name before show business beckoned?


Who's been Saturday Night Live's most frequent host?

Steve Martin.

What town did Howdy Doody live in?


What sitcom star advised: "It's okay to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it"?


What Richard Chamberlain vehicle is second only to Roots in total viewers for a miniseries?

The Thorn Birds.

What media award was derived from the slang term for the 1945 "image orthicon tube"?

The Emmy.

What TV cop badgered unwitting suspects with the line, "Just one more thing..."?


What late night talk show host asks viewers to "sit back and fire up the colortinis"?

Tom Snyder.

What happy homemaker chirps on TV: "It's a good thing"?

Martha Stewart.

Which two Saturday Night Live characters broadcast from an Aurora, Illinois basement?

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

What's the "dimension of imagination," according to the host of a classic TV series?

The Twilight Zone.

What TV star did 500,000 people show up to watch sing at the Berlin Wall?

David Hasselhoff.

What quiz show champ of the 1950s received 500 marriage proposals and helped increase sales of Geritol by 40 percent?

Charles Van Doren.

What sitcom's scripts were penned with the help of an Army handbook and map of Korea?


Who died last--Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, William Frawley or Vivian Vance?

Lucille Ball.

What future talk show host could have played the lead in The Graduate if he hadn't argued with producers over his salary?

Charles Grodin.

What two cartoon mice attempt every night to take over the world from their cages in Acme Labs?

Pinky and the Brain.

What long-lasting NBC show was originally titled The Rise and Shine Revue?


Who was the first feline featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

Morris the Cat.

What TV role was John Astin offered under the condition he grow a mustache?

Gomez Addams.

Who appeared in Return of the Killer Tomatoes before he landed a role on ER?

                                                       George Clooney.

                 Where does Roseanne have a tattoo of a pink rose?

                                                            Her foot.

Which future Hollywood star got her break as Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman's sister Drusilla?

                                              Debra Winger.

Who was the original host of The Price Is Right?

Bill Cullen.

In which Series did Happy Days' Joanie find fame?


Mickey Braddock in the 50s series Circus Boy found fame with which surname in which pop band?

Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees).

Which member of the Maverick clan was played by a future 007?

Beau (Roger Moore).

What was the name of the bar in Ace Crawford Private Eye?

The Shanty.

What did the Inspector have on his car sticker in Sledge Hammer?

I Love Violence.

Which Laugh In catchphrase was said on the show by Richard Nixon?

Sock It To Me!

Who hosted the early series of The Pink Panther cartoons?

Lenny Schulz.

Pee Wee Herman made his TV debut on which show?

The Gong Show.

Which 1992 sitcom was based in Venice Beach, Ca.?

Pacific Station.

In Makin' It, who was the John Travolta-type character?

Billy Manucci.

In the pilot show of Fish, who played Bernice?

Doris Belack.

Which Hollywood star starred in the 50s show My Three Sons?

Fred MacMurray.

Which war veteran was Director of News & Special Events for ABC before find fame as a TV cop?

Tom Selleck.

The actor who played Jack Geller in Friends was married once to which superstar?

Elliott Gould married Barbra Streisand.

What US sitcom was the first exported to Britain?

Amos 'N' Andy.

In Hanna and Barbera's TV cartoons base on The Addams Family who was the voice of Gomez?

John Astin.

Who guested in Happy Days where his daughter was playing Jenny Piccalo?

Phil Silvers.

The Flying Nun was based on which book?

The Fifteenth Pelican.

The older Smothers Brother played what musical instrument?


Who played the hero of the show based on the movie Coogan's Bluff?

Dennis Weaver (McLoud).

In the TV sitcom Adam's Rib, who played the Spencer Tracy Film role?

Ken Howard.

What was the first sitcom where Mickey Rooney was not called Mickey?

One of The Boys.

Which character did Tom Hanks play in early episodes of Family Ties?

Ned Keaton.

Who was the famous brother of the writer of American Gothic?

David Cassidy's brother Shaun.

What are Buddy Ebsen's real first names?

Christian Rudolf.

Before it was made famous by Pigmeat of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In fame, who first said, "Here comes the judge"?

Sammy Davis Jr.

Which member of The A Team played Clubber Lang in Rocky III?

Mr. T.

Who was the only female victim to be killed off in the opening credit sequence in Police Squad?

Florence Henderson.

Who said in which series, "And hey let's be careful out here"?

Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues.

Peter Faulk received his first Emmy for a performance on which show?

The Dick Powell Show.

Where was Running the Halls set?

Middlefield Academy.

In Top Cat, who was the voice of Choo Choo?

Marvin Kaplan.

Who played Leroy Johnson in the movie Fame and on TV?

Gene Anthony Ray.

Who was the only leading member of M*A*S*H to have starred on TV and in the movie?

Gary Burghoff.

What 1975 blockbuster sees Roy Scheider utter: "We need a bigger boat"?
A: Jaws.

What screen character has played opposite Maud Adams, Claudine Anger, Kim Basinger, Britt Eklund and Ursula Andress?

A: James Bond.

What Adam Sandler comedy featured Bob Barker's screen debut?
A: Happy Gilmore.

Whose earnings increased from $150,000 for Pulp Fiction to $3.5 million for Get Shorty to $7 million for Broken Arrow?
A: John Travolta's.

What statuesque actress earned a living by standing still in department store windows prior to her film debut in Tootsie?
A: Geena Davis.

What movie's first victim was played by a skinny-dipping actress named Susan Backlinie?
A: Jaws.

Who was the first female to direct a movie that raked in over $100 million?
A: Penny Marshall.

What movie has Bob Hoskins seething: "A toon killed my brother"?
A: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What movie gave Julie Andrews the chance to portray a man?
A: Victor/Victoria.

What 1996 movie was hyped with the line: "It Will Blow Audiences Right Out of the Theater"?
A: Twister.

What movie did Mel Brooks say he wishes he'd never made, as he then became overly concerned with filling theater seats?
A: Blazing Saddles.

What Pulp Fiction star once served as Bill Cosby's stand-in on The Cosby Show?
A: Samuel L. Jackson.

What one city must a movie play in to be eligible for an Oscar?
A: Los Angeles.

What model appeared topless on the self-penned 1993 novel Pirate?
A: Fabio.

What movie has Anjelica Huston coo to Raul Julia: "You frightened me. Do it again"?
A: The Addams Family.

Who shared a room and bed with Eli Wallach while filming The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
A: Clint Eastwood.

What two-word term does The Cynic's Dictionary call: "A movie seen about 50 times by about that many people"?
A: Cult film.

What 1995 blockbuster movie was created by the computer animation company Pixar?
A: Toy Story:

What did the shortstop become in Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First" routine when censors objected to "I don't give a damn"?
A: "I don't care".

What movie theme was Barbra Streisand's first chart-topping single?
A: They Way We Were.

What actor sighed: "If I had known Michael was going to be so successful, I would have been much nicer to him when he was young"?
A: Kirk Douglas.

What title role in a 1995 Oscar-winning movie was played by more than 40 cast members?
A: Babe.

What Caddyshack star spent two years as an assistant greens supervisor?
A: Bill Murray.

What Oscar-winning actress made her final appearance in the movie Nobody's Fool?
A: Jessica Tandy.

Who had a thick-gummed best friend named Bubba Blue?
A: Forrest Gump.

How many hubcaps does Steve McQueen's car lose in the famed chase scene from Bullitt?
A: Six.

What director cast himself as the voice of God in 1956's The Ten Commandments?
A: Cecil B. De Mille.

What Beatles movie was untitled until John remembered a line Ringo uttered after an all night recording sessions?
A: A Hard Day's Night.


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