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Do I Really Look That Stupid?

I want you to find a photo of me on this web-site; or on face book and look at it carefully. Do I look as dumb as a rock? Do I look as if I just fell off of a South Georgia turnip truck and landed on my head? Well, maybe I do! But an enterprising young lady at a certain area department store found out that, while I may look super-stupid, I do have some mental faculties left.

It all started when I dropped in to pick up some shipping supplies,  ie;  tape, boxes, printer ink and several other small items. I ran up a bill of around $ 40.00. I handed the young lady a check at the check-out counter and she asked me to sign it. She said she would take care of the rest of the process for me. I usually visit other branches of this store in Athens or Commerce and have been most happy with their service. This is usually the same check cashing procedure I use in those particular stores, so I wasn’t overly concerned at this point.

It was around 10:00 pm on a Thursday night. The store traffic was somewhat slow. I waited as the counter-lady walked over to another machine and totaled up my account. I wondered to myself why she didn’t use her own machine, so I continued to follow her progress closely. She walked back over to me and handed me a receipt that showed I had paid for the purchase in cash.

I then asked her where my check was? She replied that she had to keep the check. I asked her why? She said that was just how they did it! I had to smile somewhat as I said, “That is not how you are going to do it with me. You have a check with my name on it that I have not completed. I want that check back and I want it now.”

She reiterated that she couldn’t return the check to me.

I asked her to bring her supervisor to me. She walked back to the back and returned with another lady that seemed to give me much of the same run-a-round as the first person had. Finally, I asked that the police department be called immediately. Another counter person heard the conversation, walked over, and asked me what was going on. I explained the situation to her in it’s entirety. She left and returned with a gentleman that she said was the shift manager.

After explaining the situation to him, he walked over to the counter where the receipt had been delivered and after looking in the cash drawer, he returned with my blank check. He wrote down my name from the check and returned it to me. He told me all the purchases were on the “house” and he would take care of it from that point.

I took my blank check, left the items behind and returned to my vehicle, whereby, I returned to my home.

It was two days later that I received a phone call from a man that said he was the Manager of the offending store. He said that the lady that had tried to perpetuate the check scam on me was terminated the following day. He asked me to return to the store and receive a $ 50.00 gift certificate as a token of their appreciation for my patronage.

I declined the donation, as I didn’t deem it appropriate under the circumstances. I, however, will return to the store as the opportunity presents itself. There are many people out there that attempt to steal, extort or scam money from us old-timers on a daily basis. You have to be ever on the lookout for these type of people wherever you may do over-the-counter business. The people in charge can probably look closer at their hiring selections, but they cannot be present at every transaction so I do not hold the store management accountable, just the people that tried to pull off the scam.

So while I may look old and senile, I still pay attention to the scam potential situations as they present themselves.

You have to in this day and time. There are people out there that make a good living scamming us senior-citizens. We have to be the police that prevents these type actions.



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