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Musing with Cecil Buffington

The Animals Have Taken Over The Zoo

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today when I heard that the Missouri University President had bowed to the pressure of a group of black antagonists and resigned.  Even in this time of racial divide,  instigated in many instances by the Obama administration and the radical element of the Democratic party, this seems to be outside the range of believability.  How can a group of blacks somehow gain the leverage to demand and be granted this type of concession from a major university in the United States?  Even in the region of outlandish Ferguson, Missouri, this incident provides a frightening insight into the warped, twisted and rapidly becoming GODless society we live in during this ridiculous, and ever so dangerous democratic party reign in our American history.  
I have heard some of the charges against this particular college president and his so called insensitivity to social issues on his campus.  Most are vague and self-serving with  seemingly little substance. It appears that the minority radicals have been allowed to take over this university.  It is beyond belief that a small group of crazed, radical, leftist dissidents can disrupt the culture and political atmosphere of the school to the point that the president can be forced to leave his office. How has leaglized blackmail with the football black players injecting themselves into the fray become a weapon that can strip a university president of his job.
My mind goes back to my days when I served as a plant manager for Gold Kist Poultry in Athens, Georgia.  Our work force  of over 1500 associates was about 75% black.  We never had a moment of racial tension that I can remember in my 22 years at that plant.  Of course there were disagreements and some unfair labor charges over the years, but never to the extent of racial discrimination claims.  It is somewhat scary to think that my job as plant manager of that operation might have been in danger if some few black radicals had levied charges against me of racial discrimination.  Would Gold Kist Inc.  have asked me to resign?  Would I have resigned?
I don't think the company would have asked me to resign over accusations that were unfounded and without merit.  I'm also sure they would have  looked into these charges very closely.  That is the professional element that is inherent in large companies. You investigate these type charges and take appropraite action.  I cannot imagine a situation where we could not have proven these charges false and without basis.  As for my resigning due to accusations such as the ones directed at the Missouri University President, they would have had to drag me out of the place screaming and fighting because there would not have been any fact to any charges of discrimination.  I would never have abandoned my principles and quit in the middle of the fracas if innocent of the charges. 
Did the Missouri President resign because he felt there was truth to the accusations against him and his office?  If so, he probably did the right thing  by voluntarily leaving the office.  But if the accusations were fabricated, he did a great disservice to the University and this nation by his abrupt resignation.  While I understand that he was probably bought off with a multi-million dollar golden parachute termination deal that, while beneficial to him, could have set a dangerous precedent for others in high profile and high authority positions in universities and even private businesses' around the country.
What would I have done in this case, if indeed I knew the accusations were false?  I would have kept the president, fired the football coach, revoked the scholarships of the striking players and replaced them with kids who actually want to play football, not delve into political activism.
Again, if there were not any truth to the charges it was a case of selling out more of our american values to a small minority group with liberal self-agendas to push liberal thinking and mindsets on americans.
No one owes these students a work-free education when they are attending school on a scholarship to play football. When you’re awarded a scholarship (athletic, academic, or otherwise), there are certain obligations  to the university. When you accept a scholarship from a college to play football you agree to "play football".  This would have to be a key part of a FOOTBALL scholarship agreement between the recipiant and the university.
This whole “Civil Rights Movement thing with excessive Rioting And Violence”  has gotten WAY out of hand and it’s beyond ridiculous.
We need White House and congressional support to restore America to pre-Obama sanity.
This is not a good day in the history of America unless it compels more americans to take the initiative to vote and provides the motivation for decent americans to cast out the liberals in congress and in the corrupt Obama administration.