Jefferson, Georgia 1958



Jefferson, Georgia ~ 1958



News around Jefferson . . .


On January 6, bids from local contractors were asked for construction of the Jackson County Health Center in Jefferson. The New Health Center was to be located on a corner section of Lee Street across from the fair grounds.

Upon the installation of parking meters in downtown Jefferson, parking permits were sold at a rate of $ 9.00 per quarter. Cost for parking was five cents for one hour. Special meters were in place for those needing parking for more than an hour.

Mayor Alva Ray placed the first nickel in the parking meters in a small ceremony just off the square. With him was Jefferson Police Chief Albert Westmoreland.

Morris Bryan, Jr. was in Phoenix, Arizona on January 12 - 13 as a delegate member of the National Cotton Council of America. At the Annual meeting the delegates were to make recommendations on research and promotional programs designed to increase the consumption of cotton.

Three new councilmen took office in the city of Jefferson. Bobby Bailey for Ward 1, M. J. Huff from ward 3 and N. C. Buck Marlowe as an at-large councilman.

Mrs. S. L. Welborn, Conversation chairman of the Crawford W. Long Garden Club held an educational meeting to form an advisory committee on making Jefferson a state bird sanctuary on January 20 at Jefferson High School. She emphasized that all children should be able to identify and be aware of the habits of the Brown Thrasher, the state bird; the Cherokee Rose, the state flower; and the state tree, the live Oak.

A rash of burglaries struck the Jefferson area with break-ins at Drakes on the Gainesville highway, Wyatt Williamson’s in Arcade and Arthur Parr’s in Arcade. Cigarettes and small firearms were take in all instances along with wrist watches and various other small items. Sheriff’s deputies Curtis Spence and Bartow Hall were working the cases for the Sheriff’s department.

The Jefferson housing authority started accepting applications for prospective renters on January 23. Forty units were available in the Athens street project. Income limits were $2,500 for a two member family; $ 2,700 for a three or four member family and $ 2,900 for a family of five or more. Rent was one-fifth of the family income less certain exemptions and deductions. The units had one to four bedrooms; the kitchens were equipped with floor and wall cabinets, electric refrigerator, gas stove, double sinks, space heaters, and hot water heaters. The first group of tenants moved into the apartments on February 3.


The Jefferson March of Dimes drive collected $ 4, 325.

In February Dr. S. J. Shirley opened up a mobile feed service.

Mrs. Sue Brooks Holliman was named as the Jackson County Teacher of the Year.

Ernest Anderson of Anderson Electric in Jefferson announced on February 14 that he was opening a second store in Jefferson.

The Bryan High Boys team won the Regional and District basketball championships. The team consisted of: Aaron Chaney, Horace Maxey, Archie Chaney, Walter Stephens, Robert Davenport, James Rucker, Nathaniel Bolton, Lewis Pittman, Carol Newton, C. D. Kidd and Talmadge Davenport. Coaches were F. H. Mathis and A. J. Aker.

The Bryan High Girls won the Regional basketball and finished second in the District tournament. The Bryan High Girls 1958 basketball team consisted of; - Margie Varnum, Pearl Hardy, Johnnie Bailey, Jessie Rucker, Betty Varnum, Luree Norman, Annie Jackson, Dorothy Alexander, Gwendolyn Williamson, Mary Jackson, Eula Jackson, Annie Reed and Coach Thelma Glenn.

In March Geraldine Bell, a Jefferson High school School student died of a shotgun wound to the chest. It was later ruled as self inflicted.

A power puff football game was held in Jefferson as a Jefferson Booster Club athletic fund raiser.

Mrs. Miriam Moon was selected as the Jefferson High school Teacher of the year for 1957.

April saw the indictment of Charles Paul “Rocky” Rothschild for the murder of Mr. Charles Drake.

On May 26, 27, 28, and 29 ~ “Peyton Place” would show at the Roosevelt Theater to a packed house.

In June A. D. Bolton Chevrolet was advertising a new 1958 Chevrolet, 2 door Sedan for $ 1,899. A 1951 Chevy was priced at $ 220.00 and a 1951 Oldsmobile was listed at $ 180.00. The feature item was a 1957 Chevy for $ 370.00.

On Friday and Saturday, July 25 - 26, Elvis Presley in “King Creole” was presented at the Roosevelt Theater. It was packed for all shows.

New postal rates went into effect on August 1 with first class letters at 4 cents an ounce, Postal cards at 3 cents each, air mail at 7 cents and third class mail 3 cents for the first 2 ounces with 1.50 cents for each additional ounce.

In their August meeting Charter members Nat Hancock and H. W. Davis resigned from the Jefferson Rotary Club after charges were presented that the club’s methods and procedure of operations was not in the best interest of the club. Issue was quickly taken by Bill Booth, Bobby Bailey, and Joe Davis. Morris Bryan, Jr. then revealed to all the club members that the previous presentations were a “sham”, designed to offer a lesson in debate and formalities presentations to the members. Bryan complimented the “actors” for their fine performance. Members of the club were unaware of the nature of the night’s meeting until Bryan’s announcement.

All Jefferson dog owners were warned in the Jackson Herald that their dogs must have tags or if picked up, they would be destroyed.

In October the Kesler Clover Farm Supermarket had its Grand Opening in Jefferson. Mt. G. T. Kesler had eleven employees in his store including sons Theron and John.

On October 30 at Jefferson Elementary School a Halloween Carnival was staged with all funds going for classroom blinds. School buses ran for this event. It was very well attended.

Airman James F. Stringer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ned C. Stringer was assigned to a unit of the Strategic Air Command at Lincoln Air Force Base in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Election returns were tabulated from the eight Jefferson Agricultural communities to serve in 1959. These committee members were to take office on November 1. From Jefferson; Jimmy Johnson and Bob Blackstock were re-elected. Dover Gooch was newly elected. Their task was to provide leadership and improvement solutions for the Agricultural community.

In December, Nat Hancock was elected as Solicitor of the Piedmont Circuit.

Jefferson Mills employees received $ 96,318 in profit sharing Christmas Fund checks.

The Martin Institute Class of 1943 held a reunion at the Jefferson Community Club House. Those attending from out-of-town were r. and Mrs. James O. Browning, Jackson, Georgia; Mr. and Mrs. Cleo O. Martin, Hapeville, Georgia; Mrs. Leo Kelly, and Mrs. Polly Wood of Atlanta; Mr. And Mrs. Jim Hanson, Warner Robbins, Georgia; Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Whitfield, California; Those from Jefferson attending were; Mrs. Alfred Tolbert, Mrs. M. N. Duke, Mrs. Bobby Bailey and Miss Gene Smith.

Miss Frances Estelle Davis of Shannon, Georgia was wed to Young D. Maddox on December 26 in Shannon, Georgia.

Mrs. Margaret Duke was in charge of the reunion organizing program.

The Jackson Herald was selected as a major advertising newspaper in the State of Georgia.

In November Gus Johnson showed his Black Angus steer at the University of Georgia Livestock Show. His animal won first place.

The Jefferson First National Bank announced that a savings account would pay 3 percent interest on a semi-annual basis. Deposits were insured up to $ 10,000.

Jefferson High School News . . .

Coach John Davis presented an athletic directors’ report showing that the 1957 Jefferson High school athletic program was profitable by $ 204.00.

The largest cost items were football camp and meals at football camp. Both were over $ 500.00. The largest profit center in the program was ticket sales of over $2,600.00.

Mr. Glenn Cliffe Bateman, who was called the Dean of American Bandmasters, was the guest conductor at a Jefferson High School Band concert on February 11.

1958 Jefferson High School Band ~  Judy Whitmire, Jane Jones, Diane Park, Ellen Garrison, Jennie Wilson, Judith Whelchel, Mary Ann Woodall, and Julia Stovall,  Tommy Elrod, Bill Kelly, Danny Wilson, Jane Melvin, Beverly Davis, Sara Freeman, Mary Davis, Glenda Gee, Linda Cole, Jean Jackson, and Ann Melvin, Suzanne Moore, Vicki Ray, Kay Simmons, Carol Bridges, Ola Freeman, Anna Bolton, Carol Duke, Gary Gilbert, Jean Jones, Jane Bolton, Mike head, Larry Kinney, Margaret Hancock, Harrison McDonald, and Gloria Spence,  Paddy Williams, Neda Stringer, Billy Stringer, Betty Moore, Mike Welborn, Valerie Jones, Clarence Simmons, Jerry Duke, Dennis Wright, Henry Fite, Wayne Butler, Larry Strickland, Lynda Massey, Douglas Legg, Kenneth Bridges, Larry Cole, James Brewer, Mary Grace Curruth, LaVerne Bridges,  Walter Tonge, Noreen Botelho, Roy Baerne, Jerry Hall, Sara Massey and Band Director Guy Butler. Band Majors were Mary Davis and Glenda Gee.

In early February five Jefferson students appeared on the Saturday morning television show, “The 4 H-Hour” with Home Demonstration Agent Sarah R. Carnes. The young ladies were; Lynda Massey, Jo Ann Maddox, Carolyn Maddox, Diane Hayes and Sara Massey.

Mrs. Morris Bryan Jr., as Secretary and Treasurer of the Jefferson Red Cross Chapter appealed for everyone to donate to the worthy cause.

February 7 - 13 was National Boy Scout week. Troop 158 in Jefferson observed the occasion with planned special events.

Coach Davis announced the sports program schedule for 1958.

The 1957-58 boys basketball team started the season with a 2 - 8 record.

The 1957-58 girls started out at 5 - 5.

The Area III Region 4-B High School Basketball Tournament, both boys and girls, would be held at the Community Gymnasium on February 17, 18, and 19.

Region III boys and girls teams were Banks County, Franklin County, Lavonia, Commerce, Central Gwinnett and Jefferson.

A parent-teacher meeting was held at Jefferson High School on February 6.

February 20 would start football spring training.

March 10, would start track training.

March 19, would end spring football training with a J-Day game. This game pitted the 1958 squad against the 1957 seniors and other boys that did not play on the squad.

April 12, was the regional track meet in Athens at the University of Georgia.

March 24, would Start baseball practice.

The boys basketball team consisted of; Charlie Gilbert, Norman Botello, Dan Truluck, Don Truluck, Lynn Brothers, Gary Duke, Johnny Melvin, Talmadge Perry and Coach Monk Collins.


1958 boys results ~ Dragons score listed first.

Braselton 53 - 50, Oglethorpe County 35 - 46, Oconee County 48 - 59, Commerce 36 - 59, Carnesville 33 - 60, Winder 29 - 51, Morgan County 43 - 41, Winder 32 - 39, Carnesville 28 - 67, Oconee County 48 - 55, Commerce 40 - 38, Morgan County 56 - 44, Oglethorpe County 37 - 67, Banks County 27 - 47.

The boys record was 4 - 10.

The girls team consisted of;

Delores Roberts, Lillie Scroggins, Betty Parks, Sandra Gailey, Martha Evans, Gloria Langford, Sandra Evans, Carol Murphy, Alijean Roberts, Reba Ricks, Polly Berryman, Mary Nell Davis, Junan Davis, Linda Meade and Coach Betty Cook.

1958 girls results ~ Dragonettes score listed first.

Braselton 23 - 27, Oglethorpe County 25 - 22, Oconee County 46 - 60, Commerce 32 - 22, Carnesville 14 - 30, Winder 39 - 16, Morgan County 26 - 18, Winder 24 - 19, Carnesville 36 - 38, Oconee County 34 - 43, Commerce 48 - 38, Morgan County 31 - 21, Oglethorpe County 18 - 41, Banks County 47 - 26.

The Girls record was 8 - 6.

April saw Reba Ricks and Johnny Melvin selected as Most Valuable Players of the 1958 girls and boys basketball squads.

In April the 1958 Dragon Football team defeated the 1957 seniors 19 -8 in the annual J-Day Football game.

Jefferson band members Ann Melvin and Julia Stovall were selected to play in the Junior all-state band on April 25 in Macon, Georgia.

May saw Coach Bill Ensley join the Dragon coaching staff. He would also serve as Day Camp Director.

On July 19, Glenda Gee of Jefferson High school appeared on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour on WSB Channel 2 in Atlanta. The show originated from New York City. She performed a Mirimba solo.

Faith Baptist Church had Bible School on the 21 - 25 of July.

The Jefferson canning plant opened on Tuesday and Friday during the month of July.

On August 7 - 8, a State Y. M. C. A. Cheerleading Clinic was held at Rock Eagle State Park. Attending from Jefferson High school were; Judy Burch, Elizabeth Clark, Benda Samples, Jo Ann Whitmire, Lollie Ann Huff, Barabara Head, Alice Gilbert, Marilyn Ray, Beverly avis, and Margaret Hancock.

Mr. D. L. Hitchcock accepted the Jackson County at Braselton High School Superintendents position. He came from Monroe High School where he had served the past seven years. It was Mr. Hitchcock that developed the Jackson County High Basketball team that won the 1964 State Championship.

The August 7 edition of the Jackson Herald announced the appointment of Dr. Dan Cagle, 40, of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina as the new Superintendent of Jefferson High school. Dr. Cagle came to Jefferson from charlotte, North Carolina, where he had served since 1950 as assistant principal and later as principal. Dr. Cagle was author of several widely known books and pamphlets on various school interests.

Dr. Cagle, his wife Helen, and two sons, ages’ 12 and 2 were moving to Longview Drive in Jefferson.

It was announced at this time that Dr. Cagle’s two right hand assistants would be A. W. Ash and J. L. McMullan. Mr. Ash had served the school for 18 years. Mr. McMullan for 20 years. Mr. Ash would assume duties of all administrative activities at the Jefferson Elementary school. This would entotal the first seven grades.

Mr. McMullan would have responsibilities for all of the high school.

James Thomas Stovall

I remember buying brunswick stew from a black gentleman named charlie Daniels. He would cook it in a black pog in his back yard with chickens, guineas, and starving porch dogs all over the place. Not a blade of grass any where. I think his house was up from the old jail and tater house.

Bobby Hooper

Don't know where Charlie Daniels lived, but he had a little stand across from the Gainesville Midland Depot and sold stew and bbq there.


Other Sports and activity News . . .

The Jefferson Teen League played basketball on Monday at the local gym, while the Old-Pro League played on Thursday night.

Jefferson recreation league in 1957-58 had four teams playing on Thursday nights. The Brotherhood was led by Bucky Johnson and Warren Cleveland. The Jefferson Firemen featured a host of former Jefferson High basketball stars like John Godfrey, Edwin McClure, Billy Ricks and Wayne Wages.  They shocked perennial city power Jefferson Mills 50 - 47 in the third game of the season, Jefferson Mills was loaded as usual with Charlie Middlebrooks, Davis Roberts and Curtis Segars, and the Farm Bureau, a new team led by Alvin Berryman battled for the title.

Teen League teams and Captains;

Dry Pond Tomcats - Simon Whitmire

Hawks - Burton Riddle

Basketeers - Jerry Middlebrooks

Sneakers - Tom Venable

Rebels - James Aaron

Sputniks - Dean Brown

Pendergrass Wldcats - Franklin Nichols

They played eight minute running clock quarters.

No one that reached his twentieth birthday before January would be eligible for the league.

The first game of the ‘Old Pro’ League saw the Brotherhood upset the Jefferson Mills team 40-39 on a bucket by Charilie Cox just before the final whistle. Bucky Johnson led the team with 20 points. Davis Roberts scored 13 for the mill team. Arcade dropped out of the league leaving the Jefferson Firemen and the Farm Bureau as the remaining teams along with the Mill and Brotherhood teams.

The names that popped up each week in the youth division were; Jerry Middlebrooks, Dugar Strickland, James Aaron, Dean Brown, and Tom Venable.

At a Day Camp Field Day event on July 11, Ellen Hall, Linda Kinsey, Burton Riddle and Billy Evans were Junior and Senior Division Swimming Champions. In Track and Field events, Ann Melvin, Gail Stover and Kay Simmons were big Winners, for the girls while Jack Mize, Damon Gause, Burton Riddle and Brian Duke were track and field Division winners.

On July 11, the annual water pageant was held at the Jefferson pool. It was entitled “The Mystic Oasis.” It was a story about here travelers on their way to California to join in the search for gold. They stopped to rest at the oasis and saw a beautiful mirage of fish swimming in the water near their camp. Those in charge of the program were Junan Davis, linda Meade, Margaret Hancock, and Johnny Melvin.

The cast included Jeff Davis, Don Tompkins and Tommy elrod as the travelers. Shrimp were; Bonnie Lavender, Debbie Hogwood, David Gooch, Jerry Gearin, Carolyn Samples, George Mathis, Johnny Bryan, Jerri McNeal, Sammy Shropshire, Cary Carter, mose Chandler and Vicki Ray. Mermaids were; Judy Whitmire, Mary Davis, Brenda Samples, and Margaret Hancock. Tadpoles were; Kathleen Bryant, Susan Robinson, Tony Martin, Claude Godfrey, Jennie Tolbert, Gail Benton, Prscilla Daves, Gloris Spence, Diane Everett, Ellen garrison, Vivian Pardue, Betty Cash and Laura Massey. Children were; Danny McNeal, Jena Davis, David Cobb, David Harbin, Jackie Kesler, Cindy Robinson, Beth Tolbert, Alice Motron, Mark Decker, Paula Adams, Trigger Daves, Johnny Spence, Marie Doster, Karen Williams, Robbie Langford, and Kathleen Benton. Star Fish were; Betty McClure, Kay simmons, Richard Gearin, Joyce Kinsey, Linda Kinsey, Bobby Bailey, Donna Cobb, Tim Miller, Larry Pardue, and Judy whelchel. Dolphins were; Ann Melvin, Ellen Hall, Jack Wilson, John Elrod, liz Lord, Posey Storey, Barbara Pope, Cecil Buffington and Jimmy Williams.

Day Camp closed on July 25 with a colorful western show, “Westward ho, the Wagons.”

Day Camp “Campers of the Year” were; Debbie McNeal and Tom Bryan from the Little Doggies, and Kay Simmons and Ralph Kinsey from the older groups.

The midget and mite football program for 1958 started on September 20, with two games each Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Games started at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

50 boys turned out for the program.

The opening week it was the Sooners led by Jack Wilson over the John Davis led Redskins by a 27 - 6 score. Kesler Perry led the Bulldogs past the Harry Underwood led Yellow Jackets 18 to 7.

The mite league saw the Dragon juniors led by Mike Cotton rout the Indians, led by Billy Mitchell 28 - 0. The Navy Middies captained by Billy Duke and the Bullpuppies, captained by George Kesler tied at 6 - 6.

Commerce blasted North Hall 60 - 6 on September 19 in Commerce.

The Jefferson Touchdown Club had grown to 60 members.

In December Coach Davis staged a turkey shoot sponsored by the Jefferson Community Recreation Program. Winners were Horace Bryant, J. C. Doster, James Wood, Bob Freeman and Thomas McMullan. Two shoots were held, one on Wednesday afternoon, December 18, the other on Saturday Morning, December 21.

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