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April 23, 2010

Tim Tebow: Living right did him right!

Tim Tebow is an All-American quarterback that led the Florida Gators to TWO National Bowl Championship Series National Championships. There are many people and football fans that simply do not like Tim Tebow.  They find every excuse imaginable to justify this dislike.

On many occasions, I have heard football fans say that Tim Tebow is too good to be true.  That the environment in this immoral, God-forsaken time we live in today cannot produce a truly christian partisan that actually lives up to his image and reputation.

I think Tim Tebow is the exception to the rule.  I find it refreshing that a high profile athlete will praise God in virtually all his interviews and conversations without a concern for the ridicule and hatred that will be thrown his way by the immoral majority currently in power in the United States. 

While I am not of the opinion that any athlete should be considered a role model, I am of the opinion that only Tim Tebow has the claim to being a contender for sports only legitimate role model.

Every time Tebow speaks he thanks the Lord for his accomplishments and asks blessings on those that are listening and doing the interviews. He comes across as a sincere and dedicated young man that will carry a highly religous banner into the National Football League, where God knows it is needed.

Will Tim Tebow become a high performance player in the NFL? My guess is that he will eventually become the face of the Denver Broncos.  He will be a force in promoting morality into the league and he will become one of the leagues shining stars.

As a Georgia Bulldog fan, I spent four years wishing he would have a bad performance against my beloved Dawgs. It never happened!  He tore our heart out every game he stepped onto the field other than 2007 when the Dawgs pulled off a 42-30 upset.  He was the best quarterback in the country and was deserving of at least two and probably three Heisman Trophies.

Write it down!  Tim Tebow will become an exceptional quarterback in the NFL and with him you won't have to worry about him betraying his christian roots. 


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