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April 24, 2010

Talking ‘bout ‘taters, cole slaw and chickin'

Every Friday is grocery gettin’ day for the Buffington family. This springs mostly from my watching college football games on Saturday’s in the fall. My wife simply can’t get me out of the house during these on-going football telecasts. Even after the season we pretty much stay with the Friday grocery shopping routine.

Before beginning our family shopping sprees we usually drop by either Chic Fil-a, Quizno’s, Subway, Captain Dee’s or McDonalds for lunch.

When returning home after shopping this past Friday the topic somehow got around to discussing our favorite French fries and cole slaw.

Now I don’t pull any punches when it comes to fries. My favorite fries are Zaxby krinkle-cut fries with McDonalds and Varsity fries running a close second. We didn’t get into onion rings, but Varsity rings would have waltzed by all competition.  It's "grease for peace" when you eat those things, but I could eat about four servings.

When it comes to slaw you can’t beat Chic Fil-a with Popeye's and Captain Dee’s close behind. Some slaw’s are too dry, while others are too wet. Chic Fil-a seems just about right.

Naturally after discussing ‘taters and slaw, the topic evolved into favorite chickin'.

It was my opinion that Chic Fil-a was number one in this arena. I gave the nod to Zaxby’s as number two while my wife Betty, thought Kentucky Fried Chickin' was her second favorite. We both agreed that Popeye’s and Zaxby’s were about equal in our third place rankings.

I guess you’re wondering just what importance our favorite fast food menu items have on world events, anyone or anything.

I guess the answer is “Abolutely nothing.”

But after almost 45 years of marriage and umpteen thousand conversations , I think it’s important to find something to talk about other than the current hot topics. These topics are the state of our economy, a war somewhere in this great big world, how much we dislike the direction the current President has our county heading, or our escalating taxes and national debt.

Thank God for 'taters, cole slaw and chickin'!

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