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Many Internet users with disabilities find web sites difficult or even impossible to use simply because of the way they are designed. We are working hard at cecilbuffington.com to provide access to information that is interesting to all our Viewers, and this goes for the increased convenience, also.

We are aware of the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities and are redesigning pages across our portfolio of websites to ensure compatibility with as many of these systems as possible. Changes include keeping text clear, formatting layouts and tables, and making sure links adequately describe where they go ('click here' does not mean much in isolation).

We are constantly building into our website  easy access methods and provide quick links to and from virtually all pages.  If you come across a part of our site that is difficult to use please tell us about it. We intend to keep improving our accessibility - so to help us do it, send us your comments through the communication link on all site pages.

All site Information and Photos are free to the general public for personal use viewing and copying.  Copyright cecilbuffington.com 2008 protects the site from commercial use and content resale without the express written consent of the web-site administrator. 

For information email info@cecilbuffington.com

Disclaimer:  This website is owned and maintained by a Private Foundation and as such, the Jefferson City School System or the City of Jefferson is not responsible for the content, comments or opinions expressed herein.