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April 28, 2010 

The NBA ~ An ugly game with ugly players

Please let me make it clear that I do not watch NBA Basketball. I wouldn’t walk across the road if it was only 25 yards to see an NBA basketball game.

As I was reading the Sunday Athens Daily News,  I saw where the Atlanta Hawks had been soundly beaten by the Milwaukee Bucks in a Saturday night playoff game. This dropped the Hawks series lead to two wins and one loss.

Out of curiosity, I flipped on the Hawks game Monday night just to see what was going on. The Hawks were heavily favored to win the 4 of 7 game series. Most prognosticators felt they would win the series in five games. They would proceed to lose this game and fall into a 2 - 2 even-up series.

Again, I am not an NBA fan. I think the league is made up of 360 ( 30 teams with 12 players per team ) men-children that are the ugliest, most scraggly individuals I have ever seen. Just about all the players have multiple tattoos all over their body. They have shaggy facial hair with the most awful hair-styles imaginable. The long, over-sized baggy shorts, elbow pads, head sweat bands and multiple colored shoes are the epitome of ugly.  An NBA basketball player may just be the worst dressed and ugliest individual alive when decked out in their NBA "uniform."

How in the world can one of the greatest, most fun games ever created in America become so gosh-awful bad. I suspect  the passion of today's players and fan's for what is called "street ball"  is one of the major reasons. Basketball is no longer a game of teamwork so much as it is rush the ball down the court and shoot it up quickly.

The offense consisted of the post-man coming to the top of the circle, taking a pass and dishing off to a so-called team super-star. This player would then work one-on-one until he could manufacture a shot. It didn’t matter if it was a good shot or if he had a team-mate open in the corner, he was going to take some kind of shot. NBA teams often shoot around 35 % in this age of inept, poor shooting NBA players. There are individuals that shoot around 25% to 30% consistently and are considered NBA "super-stars."   ( Note Alan Iverson in particular) 

Seldom did more than a couple of players on any possession get their hands on the ball for an offensive effort. One player would shoot and a couple would bat at the ball trying to tap it in the basket. This seemed to be the offensive game plan for both the Hawks and the Bucks.

I am astonished that these professional players, being paid millions of dollars, can’t shoot the ball. That's the real name of the game.  Shoot the ball well and work together as a team to get the best shot possible. Today's pros rely on slam dunks or taping the ball in to score.  Almost every possession will ALWAYS result in a called foul or a foul the officials just let go.

There are professional players in the league that cannot make 50% of their free throws. 

God! What an ugly game.

Why would anyone want to watch something like this?

After about four or five minutes I turned it off. I had seen enough.

I well remember the days of Bob Pettit, Oscar Robinson, Jerry West and the wonderful Celtic teams under Red Auerbach. The players shot the ball well, ( with the exception of Bill Russell of the Celtics, although he was probably the best defensive player that ever played the game ) and actually played a little defense. Now it’s all one-on-one with the goal to get the ball in close for a dunk. It’s not the game of basketball as it should be played. I can’t recall the last time I watched more than a few moments of an NBA game. 

After watching a few moments of that fiasco Monday night, that trend continued.

I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

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